Life Plans.

‘I always try to plan things out, but they never work out the way I expect.’

Having six children was never on my to do list but life very rarely goes to plan“. 

my six children Christmas 2018

My plan ~ have two children in my early 20’s, so, when I reached my mid forties I would have time for adventures !

Well,… my second pregnancy resulted in twins so that blew my two child plan for a start!  

A year after the twins were born, my marriage broke down and I was getting a divorce.. So my life wasn’t going according to plan by the age of 25!

Ashley (centre) born May 94. The Twins, Bethney and Drew April 96

I met Stephen, my husband January 2000, he  was a farmer and recently divorced, he also had three children similar ages to mine. After a year together I fell pregnant, a difficult pregnancy as I had preeclampsia and at 36 weeks was rushed into theatre for an emergency Caesarean.  So now I had four children, two more than planned, but nevertheless I felt blessed and lucky to have such a beautiful family..

Ellie-May born August 2001

Life was hectic, I worked part time as an Office Manager at a local Agricultural Firm. Having four children plus my three step children twice a week it was a very busy and stressful life at times .. Family parties seemed never ending! 

February 2009

I found out I was pregnant again, Stephen proposed in March and we married In May 2009.

October 2009

My son,  Dominic, was born 30th October 2009, (15 day’s early)my 5th Child.  At this point my life plan was laughable but, still, I was happy and proud with my ever growing family.

Our Family Summer of 2010

The loss of my Sister-in-law 2011

 28th October 2011, Stephen’s sister passed away , leaving her son, Louis an orphan as his father died 3yrs earlier. Louis chose to live with us as he wanted to remain local so he could continue to go to The grammar school. It was also Stephen’s sisters wishes he lived with us. So we had 5 children at home and with Louis living with us that made six. We didn’t have enough bedrooms so We bought a caravan and moved my eldest son in there to accommodate Louis.

April 2013

I was pregnant yet again, I was 41 and Stephen now 50. By August I was feeling terribly unwell, I could barely stand up without feeling like I was going to pass out. After a traumatic birth (Seb’s heart kept stopping) Sebastian was born December 5th, three weeks early.

Sebastian born 5th December 2013

3 weeks after giving birth I was still feeling off it, my right side wasn’t working  but I were more concerned for Sebastian, (I chose to keep quiet about my health problems). He was throwing up after every feed and his tummy was becoming extremely large and very hard. January 2nd  we decided to take Sebastian to see our GP. After the doctor examined Seb, the doctor had a look of concern on his face and told us to go straight to A&E, he would phone ahead and make sure they were prepared for our arrival. Later that evening An X-ray showed Sebastian had Some sort of  tumour on his  Liver, he needed to be transferred to Leeds General Infirmary the next day as it was the nearest Liver unit for children. We was not prepared for what happened next.

To be continued…

Part 1 of 3

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