Colourful Windows

Something that tends to catch my eye is when a window is dressed with coloured glass. There’s just something so cheerful about the way coloured glass responds to light, in the space of a window.

One example of this is from the window at what was Darham Nurseries; now sadly closed down, here in East Suffolk, England. As you will see from the photo I took of the window at Darsham Nurseries, the window has been decorated by the addition of glass shelving, upon which are rows of succulents, and cacti, and then topped with a row of coloured glass.

Another example is this very pretty window on display in an antiques and collectables shop in beautiful Lavenham, in the south west of Suffolk. Here, the window has been dressed in a themed colour scheme and, with the sunlight streaming through, the light turns the glass into a dazzling display of colour.

I don’t have such an array of coloured glass to hand, but we do have this little collection of blue glass. These four items were bought at car-boot sales over the years (so yes, this great home design tip can be achieved at minimal cost) and, in our beautiful old window, I believe they add something lovely to the room. This hasn’t been the sunniest of days and so the impact of this blue glass is minimal, in comparison to the examples above, but I am pleased with how this looks.

Do you have any coloured glass at home? Maybe gather your coloured glass at a window-sil, too, and see whether it creates a nice display in your home. This is a simple idea and inexpensive to achieve.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2020.

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