Bailey’s Cheesecake

Bailey’s Cheesecake … A Delightful Christmas Dessert, or just great for breakfast in lockdown! (because let’s face it; in 2020 we deserve it 😊)

Inspired by our Focused Friends ‘Cheesecake Queen’ Tracy White, I decided that yesterday was the day to make my first ever cheesecake and that I would blog about it to share the experience with you.

I went to buy the ingredients a couple of days ago, but believe it or not I got home to discover that I’d managed to forget some! That’s the problem in these days of lockdown and isolation, I get soooo distracted by everything when I finally get to go out! (hmm perhaps that’s my age too, but less said about that!) You may also notice in the photo that I am using slightly salted butter (I got that wrong too, it ought to be no salt)

Nevertheless, I’m finally ready with a full set of ingredients.  Looking at Tracy’s recipe (link at the bottom of this article) I’m thinking that it’s all looking fairly straight forward, so here we go.  

Oh, let’s add some music too. We got an Alexa recently and although I say ‘we’, what I really mean is that I bought it as a surprise for my husband’s birthday… and I love it hahaha!  ‘She’ keeps me company, while I’m alone in my kitchen.  I guess that whilst I’m happy, then hubby ought to be happy – win-win 😊

Do you find music helps feel less lonely when in the house alone? If you’ve not tried it, I’d recommend it.

Oh dear, a stumble at the first hurdle.  I’ve bought a nice new loose based tin, however, as I removed the packaging and labels, the base came out (as it should) but now I don’t know which way it’s supposed to go! I’ve had these tins before and never known which is the correct way. Oh, I wish I’d noticed before removing the packaging!  I’m going to have to guess.  Don’t suppose it matters too much right now, as I’m lining it today.  But, if any of you baking gurus out there know which is the correct way, please help a mere apprentice out and let me know.  Much appreciated 😊

which way should the base go?

Line the tin … does this mean with tin foil? I am going to assume so.  (Note to the brilliant people who write recipes…remember there are those of us out here who are beginners and struggle with the basics!)

Without further mishap, distraction or query, I got the base prepared and it’s now in the fridge for an hour to set. My chocolate has been grated and also in the fridge.

Mind you, I think I got a bit enthusiastic with the chocolate.  I bought a family bar (360g) because I’d not checked quantities at the shop.  For this recipe we only need 60g Hmmm…. Got a bit of spare chocolate it seems!

And, whilst the confessions are taking place, I bought a bottle of baileys for this…and I only need a shot 😎  – looks like a Baileys and Chocolate party night for one is happening later today!

Time now to pop my chicken into the oven to roast and maybe prepare some veg (oh, I decided to have a traditional Sunday Lunch whilst shopping for my cheesecake ingredients.  Perhaps this is why I forgot half the ingredients that I’d initially made the shopping trip for …too busy getting distracted at chicken and daydreaming of roasting veg!)  I told you I get easily distracted! Still, the chicken is now in the oven and I have time for a nice cuppa and a little break.  The sun is shining today and although its cold, it’s a lovely bright, blue skied day.  Simple pleasures that we must remember to notice, and appreciate.

Cheese beaten and softened; Icing sugar folded in .. next is the addition of the Bailey’s.  Just to say, when it’s first poured in, I thought there was too much liquid.  I was concerned that I’d spoilt it already.  However, stick with it for all the liquid does just blend in.  I whipped and folded in the cream, and added the chocolate before pouring into the cooled base.

This reminded me so much of baking with my mum when I was young.  I was ‘allowed’ to enjoy the cake mix from the whisk, when it was finished with. I then went on to share that with my own children. Lovely memories and alongside them, a feeling that mum was beside me once again, just in a different way now. ❤

The whole cheese cake now goes into the fridge for two hours.  Two whole hours before I get to eat a slice!    I do hope it’s going to be as good as I imagine.

Dreaming of the perfect cheesecake

Finally, remove your cheesecake from the fridge and add the remaining grated chocolate to decorate.  I enjoyed getting creative with this bit, and must admit that I do feel rather proud of my finished work 😊 Shame my hubby is away and my son doesn’t like Baileys (diet out the window – again!)

Note: After removing from the fridge after two hours to cut, I noticed that it was a bit soft for my preference. I spoke with Tracy and she advised I just leave it in the fridge overnight and all would be well.  Ooooo she was so right!  Wow, this morning I ran to the fridge like a child on a Christmas morning, removed my cheesecake and excitedly cut a slice – it was perfect!  I’m delighted, and it tastes even better today (or perhaps that’s because I’m eating Bailey’s cheesecake for my breakfast. Now I ask you, when could that not be a good thing ?!)

If you’ve enjoyed sharing my experience of making my first cheesecake, or if you feel inspired to have a go yourself, please do ‘like’ my article, or share your own hints / tips or results in the comments below.

And remember – go check out this and Tracey’s other recipe’s here on Focused Friends.

(c) Debbie Walker

8 thoughts on “Bailey’s Cheesecake

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  1. Wow Debbie, your Baileys cheesecake looks fabulous, thank you for having ago and giving feedback on the recipe. I loved your article, it made me giggle. I once put the Loose bottom of tin back incorrectly and my biscuit base ended up all over the floor lol. I won’t make that error again.
    I hope you try many more of my recipes in the future. I appreciate the feedback.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Debbie, I love Tracy’s recipe and, as my cousin, it is your family duty to look after your younger cousin and make this for me when you next come to visit! 😉 Looks great and your article had me chuckling, too. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m glad I gave you a chuckle 🙂
      Ermm…only a few years younger thank you. I just ate your piece in response to that 😉🤣.


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