My marketplace must haves

I am a big fan of reuse repurpose etc. I love to buy peoples cast off’s and update them and make them fresh looking and modern for my home. I also fix up items for other people to buy. I typically go to thrift stores in my community but I am also very keen on purchasing items through the Facebook marketplace. It’s kind of my first stop when looking for something new for the home or for my craft.

My friends marvel at the deals that I get so much that I now get orders from them to search for items they are looking. their homes. Recently I had a request from a friend for a China Cabinet. She had a sample before and after to share and asked if I could find something that would work. She also wanted the top of the China cabinet to be large enough that she could house all of her quilting fabric. And what a great idea for a re-purposed piece of furniture that a lot of people simply just toss because no one has China anymore. (although I do have a very lovely pattern.)

Challenge accepted! I really didn’t have to put too much effort because I found the perfect cabinet for her and if she hadn’t take it I was going to scoop it up. It was large, had great bones and was a screaming deal at $20.00 (that’s Canadian folks).

Last night I checked in with her to see if she liked it and was she going to purchase it. to my delight, she’s already brought it home and filled it with her fabrics before even painting or doing the work for the ironing table, she’s that excited.

I have to admit I’m a little jealous at her organizational abilities. I think Martha Stewart would be very impressed by that colour coordination.

So what’s on trend and worth driving for at the marketplace?. These are my pics.

Crafts normally found at craft fairs

Due to Covid (And honestly isn’t everything due to Covid right now?) craft shows and events are off. Which means a lot of crafters who spent all year creating beautiful pieces to sell are not able to present their wares the way they normally do. This is a great thing to find on the marketplace. And from what I recall of these craft fairs the prices at the marketplace are very reasonable. Likely because the crafters don’t have to rent a table, travel and pay the overhead costs to show you what they have. The cost savings is passed on to the consumer. These are a few of the items that I was admiring today on the marketplace. (Unfortunately I am banned from buying anything because I have had an intervention by my family not to add any more Christmas decorations to our collection. Grinches lot of them. )

You will find a lot of beautiful things on the market place for the holidays. Including lights, trees, tree ornaments. I’ve been gravitating towards the signs. These are something that I don’t make so I appreciate when someone else does it. signs are not limited to just signs for Christmas but after Christmas when you put everything away and the house feels empty what about picking up a few winter themed signs for your front porch or your kitchen. Now’s the time to grab those things up. While helping out a crafter who’s looking to make some money to buy things for their family for Christmas.

Christmas in the kitchen

I also really enjoy finding Christmas baking pans and seasonal dishes and serving items.

Look at that beautiful short bread pan! Forget the cooking I would just put that on a shelf in my kitchen as a decoration it’s so beautiful. In fact let’s press pause here while I quickly just send them a little message. It’s not really a Christmas ornament it’s a necessity for baking for my kids right 😉 😉

Pinterest is filled with these beautiful displays on tiered trays. I would love to do a nice high tea for my daughter and some of her little friends. But a few of these would look just wonderful in the kitchen at Christmas time filled with hot chocolate station or just ornaments spilling off of the sides. And then after Christmas decorated in a lovely greenery winter theme.

There are quite a number of these tiered trays showing up on The market place in my area. Definitely something I’m going to grab.

OK confession, I’ve already messaged the lady about the vintage gray one. I keep watching my phone to see if she’s contacted me back.

Small furniture items

Small furniture is another item that is easy to grab up and bring home when you need to fill a little corner. And the marketplace is awesome for finding great deals on small pieces of furniture. These are a few of the items that I am Coveting right now. But I am not going to message anybody about any of them because I have enough stuff in my home and just NO.

These bar carts were very expensive at the Home stores last year. I seem to recall anywhere from $250 up to $450. I would love to have bought one but that was just too much money for me. Now look at the prices for resale! Bargains bargains bargains. These again would make a great little end table or tucked in a corner to draw attention to a nice display. They come in handy when entertaining. I love the colours we’re adding a little sparkle during the day all days of winter where I live. He’s wouldn’t need anything done to them either. Just roll them in and set them up.

Deals can also be had for small pieces of furniture like coffee tables, end tables and benches. Just look at these deals that I saw today on the marketplace. There is a filter on the search feature of market place that you can put in what you’re looking for and also set the max price that you want. I do that quite often and I find it the best way to focus on what I’m looking for. Like the China Cabinet I found for my friend. I put a max of $50. And found one of course for 20.


Again another thing that you can find at the Home stores but for quite a bit of money. People change out their Decour so often or they move and they can’t fit items in their home any longer. You get the savings and beautiful pieces either old, gently used, or something that needs a bit of refurbishment. You’ll find any price any size any shape any style. No need to go to the big stores to find one. Check out the marketplace.

So these are a few of the things that I think are worth checking out on the marketplace. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think is worthy of searching for. And please be safe. Wear your mask. Research your seller ahead of time. There is the odd scam out there. I haven’t fallen for anything yet but I hear the stories.

Happy shopping

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