In your eyes

An original poem

You will see life as it was In your eyes

as it is in your eyes

as it will be in your eyes

In your eyes there is no responsibility

There will be no history of involvement

In your eyes a victim of unfair circumstances treated poorly

Your eyes will see nothing of the good

Nothing of the love

Nothing of the laughter nothing of the lessons

In your eyes the fault in your life will belong to others

lack of love and compassion assigned to those that don’t understand

you will rewrite history by hiding the truth deep within

Covering your eyes with reflective glass to point away from you

In your eyes there is no truth

But that of your own re-creation

In your eyes you are entitled

You are owed everything Except expectation

Sharing only the blame

Eggshells follow you in a path of crushed feelings and hateful words

The soft footsteps and hushed whispers protect you from the reality of who you are

in your eyes nothing wrong you can do

In your eyes misunderstood and under appreciated for what only you can see

In your eyes everyone is blind

MargaretMorton November 27, 2020

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