Walking in an Autumnal Winterland?

As a person who has Parkinson’s Disease, I suffer terribly with insomnia and, as is the usual way, over this latest night of only two hours sleep, I found myself thinking about many things. one subject is Christmas.

That’s not terribly unusual, for this time of year. The aspect that was on my mind, however, related to Christmas decorations at home. I found myself wondering why people put their Christmas decorations up in October? It shocks me every year. I can make no sense of why Rudolph’s nose would be red as early as October and even before Hallowe’en/Somhain has happened?

For that matter, I admit to feeling the same sense of incredulity when I see people ‘decking their halls…’ in November and, even early in December; though the latter seems at least not quite so bizarre. This made me recall how I got my parents to agree to put Christmas decorations up almost immediately into December, when I was young. I suspect that the same level of pressure, from kids, is still a major factor in why some families put decorations up earlier than others.

Now we are in December, I feel that a woolly Christmas jumper may be acceptable but would you say that it’s too early, still, to be in festive fashion? Maybe you’d agree with me that it’s a little early to be ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ in October or November? What do you think?

It is over to you now, dear readers. Should chestnuts be roasting on an open fire, in October? Please would someone enlighten me about why bells are jingling as early as October? The song says we’d be ‘walking in a winter wonderland’ at Christmas; not that we would be walking among the autumn leaves! I am chuckling to myself as i write this, for I no doubt sound like a grumpy old man; but I’m not. Who is able to offer me an explanation for the October / November decorations? As for me, I have no intention of putting fake antlers on my head any earlier than a week before Christmas! 🙂 (Famous last words)!

(c) Deano Parsons. 2020.

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