Tracy and Deano in Focus

Have you visited the ‘Focused Friends’ Youtube channel, yet? One of the things you will find there are videos of chat and conversation between the Focused Friends.

Tracy and Dean ran a series of chats called ‘The Focused Friends Show’, or ‘FFS’ for short! Here is the first of the several shows in season 1 of their chats. There were some ‘teething troubles’ with the signal. we apologise for the few incidences of interference.

Here is Episode 1, Series 1 of Tracy and Deano’s Season 1 show, which is now rebranded as ‘Tracy and Deano In Focus.’

To see more, simply visit the Focused Friends YouTube channel at the link at the bottom of this article. There are 8 shows in total. Tracy and Deano are shortly to begin recording for Season 2 of Tracy and Deano In Focus.

Meanwhile, here is the link to the Focused Friends YouTube channel:

Also, here is the link to (my) Deano Parsons’ YouTube channel:

“We look forward to seeing you at our YouTube channels. Please hit ‘like’ on any videos you enjoy there and do please subscribe to the two channels.” – Deano Parsons.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2020.

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