Wreath in a Grid

My dear friend, Tracy, sent me a beautiful wreath making kit, with glitzy-bits and peacock feathers, for my birthday a while back. I decided to make the wreath and turn it into our Christmas wreath.

Rather than go foraging for bits of plants to drape from the wreath, I had some extra pine cones and painted twigs from prior years and so I made a simple wreath out of all of these components and it actually looks quite nice. Not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, no doubt, but I enjoyed making it and we are happy with the end result.

Not one to miss the opportunity for turning craft into art, I took photographs of the completed wreath and then made different digital art designs with the image. I then put these into a grid format. It worked out well. This is one way to make, for example, the design for a greetings card if you should like to print your own.

Here are the two completed pieces:

Have you made a wreath or any of your own decorations for Christmas? How is that going? Feel free to comment, below.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2020. (Source: www.deanoparsons.com).

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  1. Tracy White says:

    I hope you enjoyed creating your own Christmas Wreath Deano. It’s absolutely stunning, I love your design and goes perfectly with the peacock feathers and bow. Beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Tracy. It was lovely of you to send such a fab gift. What a great idea. Yes, it’s a bit different but we like the design, too. I just decided to come away from the traditional and yet still use natural materials. The painted cones and twigs work really well, I think. I really enjoyed this. Thanks xx

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