I can’t remember

Pam Yeager Roper, writer, Parkinson’s warrior and a great friend

A dear friend of all of us here at focussed friends is a very talented writer. She also happens to have Parkinson’s disease. We met her on a support group and I absolutely adore her. She is funny. She’s always smiling. Pam has a way with words that often bring me to tears.

I hope you enjoy this Poem. I look forward to many more of her writings for us to share with all of you.

I can’t remember

~ A poem by Pam Yeager Roper


I can’t remember what it’s’like

Not to walk in pain.

To stand erect, have an easy stride.

To run in from the rain.

I can’t remember what it’s like

To sleep all through the night.

To look down and see my hands not tremble.

Can’t still them with all my might.

I can’t remember what it’s like

To smell and taste a meal.

This thing i have will not abate.

From it I will not heal.

I can’t remember that young girl

Once so alive and free.

The woman who’s replaced her now

Can’t help but ask, Why me?

Heip me, God, get through this fight

And another long December.

I need to know that I’m still here

Because I can’t remember.

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