Tradition review

Tradition revival and review

Sitting here a few days after Christmas I’m doing my annual assessment of the good great and groan.

Every year during the holidays I learn a little something new.

I am a person who enjoys tradition. Repeat the great things we all look forward to. Ditch what didn’t work. Add new things to keep it fresh

I really missed many events this year that we were not able to do because of Covid. Craft fairs were all cancelled. Cookie and kitchen creation exchanges had to be scratched. And most sadly no photo with Santa. Our Santa (Tom) is the real deal and so special to us all. We missed him a lot.

We were able to do the annual Christmas lights tour. A highlight every year. We also cut down our Christmas tree in the forest and had a great outdoor event with friends.

For the most part we made a quiet Christmas very relaxing and traditionally happy.

Some events and activities my children have outgrown. Mostly the boys but they keep it up for their sister. They took over elf on the shelf and had great fun with it but by the end like us mothers and fathers they were running out of ideas and energy. That little guy can take a break any year now. Again our daughter is only seven and it’s something she looks forward to.

If my husband has his way we will be away in the tropics for Christmas next year. However my daughter is still too young and too into the magic of the holidays to take her away from our family home. I will have to put my foot down on that one until she’s a little older.

This year I saw many videos and posts in my friends group. I admire so much the work that the parents put into making the holidays magical and happy for their families. Everyone has a little different way of doing things. From food to gift exchange ideas. I am inspired.

However one family stood out in a way I can completely embrace. This is likely not new to anyone else. But at my age why have I never thought of this?

This family put all of the hard work into the Christmas Eve events. They have the big dinner, open their presents, do all the cooking and have their formal meal on the 24 th. By the end of that day everything is done and they go to bed knowing that Christmas Day they can sit back in their PJs and relax. Play some games, eat some leftovers or other casual food.

I know that my boys and hubby will be on board. My boys are of an age that they were great helpers in preparing a lot of the food ahead of time for Christmas day dinner. But on the day they just wanted to sit back and enjoy their presents and not have to do do much more. Hubby took the reins on the day to prep the meal. But he was in the kitchen for a long time. He says he enjoyed himself. I say next year let’s all have the day together without the extra work and relax in a casual way.

To me that sounds heavenly. I will of course put my own twist on it. Thankfully I have a whole year to think it through. Along with ways to better hide the gifts and make the elf in the shelf fresh and fun again. A mom can dream.

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