One Year on

An original poem, by Debbie Walker

A year, twelve months,
Moments; A life-time
Time is broken.
I feel broken.

How could it be written?
How can it be told?
For all that we hoped
Will no longer unfold.
All we once knew,
No longer feels true.
And the sun's warmth wanes
In the deep winter's cold.

In this darkness, please hold
my hand
Let me borrow your strength
As I walk through this journey
of life's quick-sand

Time has changed
Since you've been gone.
It bent and stretched
It shrank and dissolved,
It lost all meaning;
It took my resolve.

Time is no longer as I once
knew it to be.
Now just a word I use
to remind me
Of a life long ago,
Before you were gone.
Of fun, companionship
And adventures in the sun.
Travels and talks
White Wine and Country Walks.
Of all that we had,
A life before I felt this sad.

If only you'd not suddenly left,
I'd not feel so bereft.
Please let me think of you and
feel less pain,
Allow smiles and laughter
to surface again.
When I close my eyes,
Let the good memories rise.

Let me discard these lenses
that cover and shroud,
The ones which make me see
through this very dark cloud.
Let the sun rise and shine,
And my life once more feel
like mine.

(c) Debbie Walker 2021

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