Sleep now

Pink Clouds, by D Walker

As I sit here and reflect
And my memories begin to collect
I first hear your laugh
Loud and clear
-As if you’re still near.
I then feel your love
And it still fits like a glove.

When we first got in touch,
You just gave me so much.
You reached out your arms
And took me to your heart.
And from that day ,
it felt like we’d never been apart.
I met you late and I’d often hate
All that we’d missed
But you reminded me of what we had now, and what we must cherish.

I knew when this day finally came
That I’d feel immesurable pain.
What I didnt expect
Was that the love you gave me; A love I felt so deep,
was mine forever, a gift from you to me, to keep.

Thank you,
For all that you were,
For all that you still are, to me.
And for all that I am because of you.
You opened your heart, when my life fell apart
You opened the door and healed in me what was so sore.

You will always be loved,
Sleep now my beautiful,
sleep and rest in peace. 
With much love from your ever grateful neice,

(c) Debbie Walker Jan 2020

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