Something rather splendid has happened. Although it is far from perfect, I achieved the singing of a song which has operatic elements in it. The song; ‘SOS D’un Terrian en Detresse’ is a hugely challenging piece to sing, let alone for someone with Parkinson’s.

I am personally delighted with the achievement of this song and I feel incredibly excited about achieving this. I made adaptations to the song, to make it something I could achieve and I hope I did not lose the integrity of the piece, but it was accessible to me and so I was able to push myself far enough to achieve some sense of joy with the outcome.

A Wonderful Outcome.

Many of the oral and facial symptoms of Parkinsin’s Disease are now improved or better managed, as a result of this vocal therapy project and I have managed to boost my self-confidence in the process.

I should like to thank those who supported me, who wrote to me and told me of how they had been inspired to take up singing to overcome difficulty, as a result of my efforts, and for those who simply enjoyed some of the music videos i shared on various social media sites. This has been a truly significant and important project for me and it has helped me change my health and well-being hugely.

I will be continuing in my singing journey, but I am going back to less intensive schedule.

I will be closing down my Instagram and my TikTok social media accounts and maintaining this blog and my YouTube channel. You can also find me at social media site Ello.co . The main place of listing has been YouTube and so my music videos will be set there.

Here It Is…

Here is my video. Remember, it’s not about whether I’m a good singer, it’s about whether I could gain control of my voice, my breathing and manage a variety of gentle and powerful songs. This song encaptures all of the aspects of singing that I wanted to achieve and I will go on practicing this song, privately, in the hope that one day i may reach broader range and notes.

If I can improve upon this, I will replace this video with an update of the improved performance. So, come back and take another look sometime.

I hope you enjoy this video and I thank you for your interest in my project. Remember, I have adapted the song to enable me to sing it. Thank you for understanding why I had to do that. I hope that my continued practice will enable me to move ever closer to the way the song should sound. Meanwhile, I am still delighted to have achieved this. If you have been following me these past months, you will recall how scratchy, weak voiced and damaged my voice sounded. I hope you recognise the significant change.

If you have Parkinson’s, I cannot recommend singing, enough. Give it a go. It’s fun and it helps.

I have posted the English translation below the video, in case you don’t speak French and wonder what the heck the song is about!

S.O.S. of an earthling in distress

Why do I live?

Why do I die?

Why do I laugh?

Why do I cry?

Here is the S.O.S.Of an earthling in distress 
My feet were never on the ground
I’d much rather be a bird
I don’t fit my skin 
I’d like to see the world upside down
What if it’s more beautiful
As seen from above, above 
I always seemed to confuse life
With some kind of comic strip
I’m so eager to get metamorphosed
I can feel something
Drawing me, drawing me
Drawing me way up high 
At the universe’s lottery
I didn’t get winning numbers
I don’t fit my skin 
I don’t wanna be a machine
All work and no sleep 
Why do I live?
Why do I die?
Why do I laugh?
Why do I cry?
I think I’m picking up
Waves from another world 
My feet were never on the ground
I’d much rather be a bird
I don’t fit my skin 
I’d like to see the world upside down
I’d much rather be a bird
Back to sleep, dear child…

The Master Singer.

The most stunning performance of this song is, in my opinion, by Dimash Kodaibergen. He can sing the highest falsetto and so his range across the octaves is the rarest gift and magical sound. I will re-record my version to see how far I can expand my own range but it will be nothing like the master himself….Dimash. Please, take a look (without comparing his version to mine!!) and experience the beauty of his voice:

I have to say that I believe that Dimash’s performance is the most stunning singing performance that I have ever seen. I can’t believe I even attempted this song! I have no shame! lol Isn’t his performance amazing? What do you think?




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2 thoughts on “D’un Terrian en Détresse” Leave a comment›

  1. Helen EDITThis is beautiful deano – was amazed, touched and uplifted by the emotions and depth of your singing and this song 💕thank you and so well done to have worked to achieve this hxLikeReply
    • Deano Parsons  EDITHi Helen, Thanks so much. It’s been an uplifting and challenging project. I reclaimed quite a bit of my old vocal ability and that is good. This rendition is tough to perform but enjoyable. X

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracy White says:

    You must be so proud of your singing achievement Deano. You sang SOS D’un Terrian en Destresse with such confidence and strength.
    You have a great voice and I’m so pleased you feel you have reached your objective with your singing.


    1. Thank you, Tracy. That’s very kind of you. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and benefited, health wise. I recommend singing as therapy for anyone with Parkinson’s and for anyone, generally!


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