Tracy’s Weight loss & Healthier lifestyle Journey

End of Week 1

Even though my joints are very stiff and painful right now I have managed to keep up with my daily exercise routine. This includes at least 1-1.5hrs on my treadmill with a walking speed of 6km p/h, 30 squats a day and using weights to help strengthen my upper body. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard, really hard.
I pushed myself probably a lot more than I should have done last week so I will be going at a slower pace this week.

These past few weeks I have been taking my meds sooner because they are wearing off quicker, I know when they are wearing off because my right foot drags terribly…. actually my right side pretty much stops working.
When I embarked on my new healthy lifestyle on the 1st January I was expecting the children would be going back to school on the 4th of January, however, this was short lived, just after 1 day Boris Johnson announced all schools were to close until mid February. So life is very busy at the moment, but, I will not give up, I am still motivated and determined to be healthier and lose weight.

Radio Parkies

Johnny Parky from Radio Parkies is also joining me on a healthier lifestyle journey, Johnny shared his measurements and goals on his show 9th January . Good Luck Johnny , I look forward to chatting with you on your show Saturday 16th January 8-9.30am sharing our progress and measurement updates.
From Monday the 18th January between 12-1pm DJ Claire has invited me on her show to discuss my healthier lifestyle and the challenges I face. Please find links below to find out more about Radio Parkies and their radio show times.

I am extremely pleased losing 3lb in my first week, this is a great start. Next week I will share my diet and the treats I allow myself. If you are embarking on healthier living and weight loss plan please drop us a comment we would love to hear from you.
My weekly Update is below. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel Focused Friends.

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  1. Well done on your initial loss Tracy, and on keeping focused especially when Covid-chaos causes such additional pressures such as home schooling.

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