Morning Indulgence

This is how my Saturday, yesterday, started:

It is fair to say that my day does not begin until I have coffee. It is also fair to say that insomnia has caused me to lose track of whether it is morning, afternoon or evening in recent months but, thankfully, my insomnia is diminishing. I have been up and about since about 6am, today. I enjoy this early time of day. It is a time when I can just quietly take my medication, get my body moving and yes, pour that first cup of coffee.

This morning, the experience was made completely indulgent by the presence of shortbread. The last thing I need right now, as I count the extra weight I have put on in these sedentary days of lockdown, is something as calorie laden as shortbread but, frankly, I cannot resist.

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As I enjoiyed my coffee, with the sweet crumble of shortbread forming my totally unhealthy breakfast, I noticed the snow had started to fall. The garden is just starting to show signs of a layer of white, making a sparkling appearance. This is a beautoful time of year. I hate the cold; it is uncomfortable feeling cold and my symptoms of Parkinson’s worsen in cold weather but there is no denying that the beautiful Suffolk landscape takes on an ethereal feel.

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Life is now awakening; the birds are chatting and starting to appear at our bird table for breakfast. I’ll have to break the ice in their bird bath and fill with some luke-warm water so the birds can get a drink. I have seen a little family of shrews run along underneath our hedgerow; off to find their breakfast, too, no doubt. Or are they nocturnal and are heading home to bed? Answers below, please.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

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