Hide Your Nuts!

Well, that was not a good night of sleep. Insomnia knocked at my door, overnight, and I seem to have let it in. This time, I can account for it. This was my own fault, for I went to bed earlier than usual and forgot to take my last dose of medications; including those which help me to sleep. So, my discomfort is explained and I feel suitably grumpy this morning, as a result.

I don’t allow myself to stay in the grumps, however. I let my mind take me to happier moments than any in the present which may be unpleasant. This is a good time to reflect over yesterday. A little visitor comes to our garden, each day, to gather his own share of the bird food that we put outside, in the icey days of winter. I filmed him. He particularly likes the nuts in the bird food mix and he stuffs himself full! Take a look:

I love the way the little Robin comes and checks him out, in the latter part of the video.

As I sit here, savouring my early morning coffee, I am looking at the progress I have made on my current painting and it is not good. I feel that I have applied far too many layers of paint on the foreground of the image. I have had such difficulty trying to paint the ground! I am not a trained artist and so the techniques for painting realistic grass, scrubland and ground are elusive. This is when I could do with having an art teacher sat beside me.

I will update my article on my blog (www.deanoparsons.com), entitled ‘A Highland Scene’, in which I chart the progress of this artwork, today. I may have to scrap the canvas and start again from scratch. That is frustrating, but it is okay. It is all good learning. Well, I hope i am learning through my experience! Here’s how things look right now:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_4028.jpg

Actually…decision made. I can see that there’s so much wrong with this painting that I am going to start again on a fresh canvas! I hate wasting a canvas; through over layering, but this is definitely an opportunity to take my learning forward. Please do visit my article, mentioned above, for ongoing updates if you would like to see what I do next.

The New ‘Journal’ Menu Option.

Have you noticed that we are now offering daily updates? We cannot promise an update every day but at least one of the team will try to do so. It actually takes a fair bit of time to put together an article. First, you need your subject and then you need to document it and take photos or videos of it. Then you have to create the article itself as something that people will, hopefully, want to read. As this can sometimes take anything from a couple of days to over a week, or longer depending on the subject, we decided to create the ‘Journal’ option in the main menu.

The ‘Journal’ option is where you will find our ‘in-between’ posts. These are things like thoughts, updates in our day, observations, experiences in the present or reflections in the present, of past events.

The purpose of the ‘Journal’ section is to be able to offer the reader some more regular posting, rather than having readers wait for our completion and publication of an article project. We hope, also, that the ‘diary’ nature of the journal will help you relate to us more, to get to know us better and that it offers a glimpse into the ‘behind the scenes’ of our lives. We feel that this is a space in which we can ‘chat’ and give you insight and we hope that this will in some way offer you some inspiration to be creative in your life, too.

The posts we make in the ‘Journal’ section will potentially be quite random. The past few days have been all about my mornings but you will find us all posting at other times and about all manner of things. We hope you enjoy reading it but please do let us know your thoughts.

Feedback is helpful. If you would be kind enough to hit ‘like’ on any article you enjoy, or even ‘share’ an article with your friends on social media then this helps us to know what we are doing well and what to do more of. Thank you – and please…do feel free to post a comment in the comment/reply box beneath each article.

Right, I had better go and get started on my painting. Enjoy your day.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

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