A Troubling Night

I slept a little later, this morning, than of late. How are you sleeping? It wasn’t restful. A friend has been unwell enough to need to call an ambulance and go to hospital for checks. I’m frought with worry and I’ve had to recognise that, on the back of the recent loss of my mum, just emerging from grief still leaves me in a very anxious state when the health of any loved one is at risk, or is of concern. My reactions are definitely disproportionate in that the sense of fear and foreboding is quite powerful. This is to be expected but is, nonetheless, uncomfortable.

Anyway, an ealy morning chat online with my cousin, Debbie (yes, debbie of Focused Friends), has been helpful. We have both been through the emotional mill, so to speak, over the past year and a half; with loss and grief. I’m not ashamed to admit that, despite my history as a psychotherapist, I am also a human being and value the friendly ear of someone who understands.

Also of value is, of course, my early morning coffee. Okay, I’ve had three or four cups this morning but they are half-sized cups and half-sized measures, therefore, so let’s say it was two regular coffees. I mention this, just to ensure that my love of coffee doesn’t promote unhealthiness in anyone. Keep caffeine intake to a healthy level, folks.

I recently bought a little placard for my friend, who has been ill overnight. So, I’m posting that for them, alongside my coffee, in the image below:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5089fd13-b50d-4655-ad6d-3dcdba34a55f.jpg

I achieved something yesterday that I was so pleased with, in terms of my singing practice. It was the song ‘Nights in White Satin.’ The song is available as a video for you to watch, if you feel so inclined, on my blog. This song required quite some physical dexterity and a strength of voice that is greater than I am usually able to achieve.

Parkinson’s symptoms were easier but still active and so this was still about how I applied my learning from all of my singing, and former speech therapy, progress. It worked pretty well and, though not to the standards of a true singer, my rendition has made me feel hopeful and pleased. Well, what’s not to, like about that? I may re-record it. It’s a beautiful song and is one that I would like to do better and better, so if you do watch the video, please go back every so often and see if I update it with inmproved progress.

On the note (no pun intended!) of music videos, do remember that I have a YouTube channel. I would be delighted if you would subscribe (it’s free) to it. You can find it at the link below:


Have a great day, wherever you are.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

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  1. I so relate to you and what you blog about in regards to worrying over loved ones, Deano. I hope you get a good sleep tonight and wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Sending you big hugs from Australia, J x


    1. Hello Janet, Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to comment. I’m sorry that you, too, have worries for loved ones. I’ve had my day and night, subsequently but unrelatedly, disrupted by Parkinson’s symptoms.

      I slept a lot in the afternoon and now find myself awake a little after 4am. I have insomnia, though, so this is quite usual.

      How are you coping with your worries? I hope you are supported? I can certainly recommend art as a wonderful therapeutic activity.

      Sending good wishes to you and your loved ones, all the way over in beautiful Australia.

      Please feel free to visit my own blog at: http://www.deanoparsons.com


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