The Stresses of Life

I feel a little nervous, this morning. I have my first French language tutorial, online, at 11am today. I am studying French through an online course provider and I’ve been surprised by how much French is still very current in my mind; despite my last formal training being back in my high school days. I have tried to keep my French language skills alive, over the years, and so that is helpful.

Just at the worst time, yesterday evening, my microphone started to go wrong and the language course was not picking up my words. I now need to sit and fix this but first, of course, I am enjoying my coffee and I have just written a brief article about emotional wellbeing and asking for help. Hopefully that will encourage poeople to seek help, if they are struggling with the impact of the Covid-19 virus on life at present.

These are sad and worrying times. Here in the UK, yesterday we faced the announcement that now over 100,000 people have died here, as a direct link to Covid-19. This is a shocking statistic. Truly. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one. While my microphone problem is causing me stress, the bigger fact of these statistics enables me to put my immediate challenge, of fixing this tech problem, into perspective. Can you find something that will give your emotions perspective? It can help. We can lose track, sometimes, and not realise that our emotions are amplified; just as a microphone amplifies a voice; emotional distress can amplify negative thoughts in our mind.

So, whatever your circumstances, I would like to suggest that everyone who is struggling takes a step forward in asking for help, by letting someone know how you feel. Please don’t suffer in isolation. There is nothing wrong with having difficult thoughts, feeling and emotions. Let someone in. Let someone help.

I wish you all a good, safe and peacefiul day.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

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