Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle ~ Week 4

I weighed myself early Friday morning and was surprised to see the scales flash at 11 stone 11, so much so I decided to weigh myself again a few minutes later. I thought it was to good to be true because the scales flashed at 11 stone 13 this time. I seemed to have gained 2lb in two minutes which must be some sort of a record haha. I didn’t way myself for a third time as somehow I think my scales were having a meltdown or it’s the battery! But whatever the reason I decided I would order myself new scales. The new scales will accurately measure my Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat%, Water %, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-free Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, Basal Metabolism, and Body Age plus it will connect to my Fitbit app so I am pretty excited about getting my new scales. Since ordering myself new scales I have learned using your measurements and photos is a much better way to check your weight loss. Weighing yourself once a week isn’t always the accurate way as our weight can fluctuate daily especially ladies on a menstrual cycle. I am going to take this on board from now on. Although I will continue to weigh myself I won’t take my weight as the only guide to my weight loss.
Today my BMI came in at 24.6 which is now within the healthy range (just) the range for me is between 18.5 & 24.9. My target BMI is 23.1 so still a bit to go yet.

Johnny PARKY ~ had another successful week also. He started to record his daily calorie intake and exercise on a planner which has helped him keep on track. He is hoping to lose around 2lbs a week which is a sensible and healthy weight loss. Johnny already feels the benefits from his healthier lifestyle and is full of optimism. Johnny intake of calories this week have been between 1500 – 2085 calories. His breakfast consists of bran flakes, half sachet of porridge with water, teaspoon of organic cocoa powder, satsuma, small apple, kiwi, banana and semi skimmed milk. Total calories 550, lunch and evening meal is  Bagel, wraps with cheese and pickle and a chicken based meal.  Friday was Johnny’s Birthday (Happy Birthday 🥳) so he relaxed his diet and enjoyed some beers and had a pizza from Pizza Hut.  Below Johnny shares photos from starting his healthier lifestyle and now, the photo on the right is on one of his walks, You may think Johnny looks unhappy but this is not the case, many People with Parkinson’s suffer with a Parkinson’s Masked face where basically we can look angry, upset, miserable and show no expression at all. I also suffer with this.

In people with Parkinson’s, a lack of dopamine in the brain can stop your facial muscles working as well as they used to. When this happens, people with the condition can look like they have a blank expression, even if they are actually experiencing a strong emotion.

Jenny, is also doing fantastically well and has lost another 1lb this week which makes her total weight loss at 6.5lbs. Well done Jenny.

so all in all Myself, Johnny and Jenny are doing really well, we may all have Parkinson’s but that’s not stopping us from living and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

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