Tracy’s Weight loss and Healthier Lifestyle Journey ~Week 5

I knew my weight loss would slow down this week but I still lost 1b which I’m really happy about. Since 1st January My total weight loss is now 13b (1 pound short of a stone) . I am keeping up with my walking on treadmill daily and my other exercises, weights and squats every other day.

This week I learned that my fitness tracker is probably exaggerating my calories burned by up to 50%. My fitness tracker is linked to my Nutracheck app so it’s giving me a less than accurate total calorie intake. Fitness trackers are excellent for keeping you motivated and keep you on track with your daily activities and steps but apparently not to rely on the accuracy of calories burned.

Happier Me!

Like my dear friend Deano said to me the other day “You are smiling more” this is so true, my whole outlook is a happier and I am definitely more confident in my appearance. I still have a further 8 pounds to lose but even now I can see a big difference to what I was at Christmas. My face is less bloated and my skin is much better.

Starting my diet during a National Lockdown has had it’s problems. The pressure of homeschooling is probably the most testing, stressful and time consuming. Trying to help my sons as much as possible with their school work is very challenging yet at the same time in many ways also rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for them to go back to school and be taught properly but I have learned a lot.

I have so much respect and appreciation for all the hard work and dedication shown by teachers. 

Thank you.

So finding the right balance has been a journey in itself, dealing with my Parkinson’s symptoms, achieving my daily exercises,  taking care of my family and  homeschooling did take a couple of weeks to master but master I did! 

It does means a 5am start Monday to Friday but I can live with that as long as accomplish all my daily tasks and goals I set myself.  Being organised helps me stay on track.

DJ Claire & DJ Johnny on Radio Parkies

I am a guest on DJ Claire’s show every Wednesday also joined by DJ Johnny. We discuss healthier lifestyles and the challenges I face living with Parkinson’s. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing some healthy recipes that we will be making and reviewing. Meals that can be put in the freezer is a must so we will also be reviewing them after they have been reheated.
I made a Chicken Biryani Bake and I must say it was delicious after tweaking the ingredients slightly it made enough for 8 meal’s, each meal approximately 460 calories . I will be sharing the recipe shortly.

Keeping it Healthy

“ I have been able to control my eating through a stable and healthy diet plan. At times (during my low points) I have had this overwhelming desire to raid the fridge and binge eat but thankfully I have stopped myself going down that self destructive path”.

I lived with an eating disorder bulimia for 20yrs. Tracy White

Johnny Parky

No progress from Johnny this week but don’t worry he’ll be back with an update next week.

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  1. Great progress Tracy. I agree that it’s lovely to see your smile too 🙂 can’t wait to see your recipe – I shall give it a go myself.

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