Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle Journey. Week 6

Hitting a Brick Wall

Today I have well and truly hit a brick wall, I am not just tired, I am exhausted, I don’t just ache I am in pain, I am not just hungry I am starving.


Getting up at 4.30am 5 days a week so I can do my daily chores and activities has caught up with me. Today I had to go for a nap as my eyes were so heavy I could barely keep awake. Thankfully it’s half-term next week so I can relax a little… No Homeschooling – Yay!!

In Pain

I have a prominent vein in my right foot which is becoming increasingly painful when walking on the treadmill. The pain in my joints are terribly sore and I ache all over although this is down to living with Parkinson’s, I have had a bad day with my symptoms.


Today I was craving any type of food I shouldn’t eat, I even took a piece of cheesecake out of freezer thinking I would eat it but I refrained from doing so. I have felt hungry all day and apart from one small bite of a bueno I have kept to my healthy diet BUT tomorrow I’ve decided I’m taking a day off, I will not deprive myself. I need this, just one day to boost and pick myself up again.

Weigh in

I have lost another pound this week which means I have lost a stone in total since 1st of January. My measurements remain the same. I knew my weight loss would slow down I expected it but on days like today it’s a little hard to bare after depriving myself for a solid 6 weeks.

Give up – Hell No!

People that know me know that I am stubborn and determined when I set myself a task, if I say I am going to do something then I will. My body is failing me yes but I am doing everything in my power to slow down that process by pushing myself. I must say since my diagnosis I do feel the need to succeed, I Wish I could feel ‘Normal’ again in the sense of having a fully working body but sadly that will never happen but giving up is not an option or a path I will be going down.

Johnny Parky update

Johnny has had a difficult couple of weeks and here at Focused Friends we wish him well. We hope to see you back soon Johnny full of enthusiasm.

for Johnny, Jenny and Myself xx

So there you go it happened I hit a brick wall. I will learn from this, I will accept it and move on. Tomorrow is a new day, a day where I will allow myself to ( reasonably) enjoy some of my favourite foods and relax. I deserve one day off !

2 thoughts on “Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle Journey. Week 6

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  1. Tracy- you are doing amazingly well, you sound like you are about to give up… but your strength wont let you do that… indulge yourself with something nice today – perhaps you will find that is just what you need – and as you say- tomorrow is another day. You are such an inspiration. On the other hand , your body is saying It needs a rest. I wish you well in your choices xx

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    1. Thank you Jenny for your lovely comment of support. It’s 4pm on Sunday and I soon will enjoy a Thai Curry, a healthy curry yes but I plan to have some garlic bread to go with it. Then a dessert of lemon cheesecake, it’s funny I’m not a sweet tooth person but I seem to crave it right now. Tomorrow I will be back on track but I so needed today.

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