Tracy & Deano Video Art 1

An area of art that I want to develop skills in, is that of video art. I have absolutely no training in video as an art medium. That said, I did have a childhood in which I spent a lot of my time at film studios; for my father was in the movie industry. So, I had a rare and priviliged access to film making as an observer on the set of so very many productions.

I recently spoke with my friend, Tracy White; a fellow partner at I know that Tracy has a similar interest in developing artistic and creative skills in video art. I suggested that we get serious about this and that we start by making a simple task to share. Tracy was in complete agreement.

We decided that we would regularly agree a theme and that we would then each contribute around four minutes of video footage based upon that agreed theme. We would then take it in turns to be the editor of a themed video art project. There is one rule: no spoken words.

Our first project has just been completed. In this first collaboration, we set the theme as being related to winter and the cold weather. I sent my video footage to Tracy and she added some of her own. Tracy was editor of this first video art collaboration and she added the artwork and music. I think Tracy has created a very lovely video which offers a snapshot of winter in two counties; Suffolk (where I live) and Lincolnshire (where Tracy lives).

We hope you enjoy this first video art collaboration. You will be able to find all of our videos stored at the Focussed Friends YouTube channel.

Here is our first collaboration:

So, we are up and running with our collaborative art project. Join us again soon for our next collaboration. Tracy and I will be making this a regular feature.

(c) Deano Parsons and Tracy White. 2021.

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