Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle – SETBACK – UPDATED 18th February

My main form of exercise is walking on my treadmill. I roughly do 80 minutes a day which gives me a good work out, I also work up quite a sweat. This morning like every other morning I started at a speed of 5.7km for 8 minutes increasing it to 5.8km and after 30 mins I increase to 5.9km ( I reduce down to 5.7 for last 10 minutes). Now I’m not sure how accurate the speed of my treadmill is because it needed repairs at Christmas but 5.9km per hour isn’t far from a jog to me so I find this a fast pace walk. Anyway 15 minutes into my walk I started feeling a pulling in my left inner thigh, a few moments later this was becoming more and more painful and the pain started going up into my groin, 25 minutes into my walk I had to stop immediately.

I had a pretty good idea it was a groin injury but I thought I would do some research and check out the self diagnoses I had given myself…. after googling (I know that is such a bad idea but we all do it don’t we!) it does seem my symptoms are due to –

A “groin strain” which refers to torn or overstretched adductor muscles, which are located on the inside of the thigh. These types of groin injuries are usually the result of overuse or overexertion and are common among physically active people.

Further research shows It may take 4 to 6 weeks or longer for a minor groin injury to heal but I do hope this is not the case.

After further research it appears the above diagnosis is probably wrong and I am more inclined to think its a Hamstring injury. My symptoms seem more inline with this type of injury ~

Sudden onset/acute posterior thigh pain

Pulled hamstring/hamstring strain

Hamstring Strain Pulled hamstring

A hamstring strain or pulled hamstring is very common in sport and I feel the pain I am suffering is more likely to be this. I have purchased a support strap in the hope it helps. Today I needed to walk with crutches as the pain was so intense. Whichever diagnosis The result is the same, I have definitely pulled or strained something which is preventing me to exercise.

This really is a setback for me, my workouts on the treadmill help me stay on track with my weight loss in a healthy way because I burn lots of calories.
As I mentioned at the beginning of my journey I suffered with bulimia for many years. On occasions I have lapsed but managed to control and stop myself from going down that self destructive path again. It’s a constant battle for me especially after a few weeks in on my Healthy Lifestyle and seeing the results of exercise on my figure. Each day that I am unable to exercise the more I feel guilty then depriving myself of certain foods becomes an issue. I have an urge to eat something I shouldn’t and once I take that piece of cheesecake or a slice of pizza I have to work really hard not to feel guilty about that treat because if the guilt took over I would end up binge eating, thinking I’ve eaten one naughty thing I might as well enjoy lots of sweet and savoury foods then shortly after it would be a trip to the bathroom .

Being Aware

I am aware of the issues I face which has to be a good thing, I am not a professional, I have no medical training whatsoever. What I do have is life experience of living with bulimia for 15 years and the terrible effects it has on your mental health and the damage it causes physically. It took a medication called Prozac to help me get out of the binge eating cycle and take back control of my life.

I know not being able to go on the treadmill for a few days will be frustrating, I will be down and moody but I have to accept that I need to rest and heal for the next few days, I need to stop feeling guilty for something that is out of my control, if I can’t go on my treadmill I should find an alternative form of exercise. Any ideas? Bearing in mind I have Parkinson’s disease so my symptoms may prevent me doing some I am more than willing to try.

For now I leave with this quote ~ it gives me motivation to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle journey.

Have you had a sports injury, how did you overcome it? I would love to hear from you.

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