It’s a New Dawn

What are your thoughts about life after lockdown/restrictions? Do you feel optimistic and excited or perhaps a little pessimistic and even anxious? There may be a whole range of thoughts, feelings and emotions that you will experience in relation to the days that will follow the easing down of lockdowns and restrictions due to the pandemic.

I always suggest that we try to recall what would have been our ‘normal’, prior to these days of pandemic. What would we usually be thinking and feeling about this time of year? Here, in the UK, it is becoming springtime. The snowdrops are offering a white carpet of their gentle elegance and beauty, at the edge of our woodlands and in grasses. I have noticed that daffodils and tulips are sprouting from the ground, with a wonderful vigour. These signs of spring make me smile.

Feeling happy about the change of season and simply noticing the beauty of the process of seasonal change is part of my ‘normal’ and so I am swept up in the optimism and excitement about the coming warm months of the year. This is antidote enough, for me, to be able to reduce down any concerns about the future of a world in which Covid-19 remains a part.

So, what would you like to focus on, that will have you feeling more optimism and more joy than the current state of things may trigger you to feel? The practice of positive thinking is a wonderful way to boost your energy, morale and scientists would also say your immune system, too.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

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