Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle Journey. Week 8

It’s almost two weeks since my hamstring injury (self diagnosed) and even though it’s slightly better I am far from being able to return on the treadmill as I am still in an awful lot of pain. I was getting so frustrated and annoyed with myself I was wondering whether to stop wearing my Fitbit as it is a constant reminder I am unable to reach my daily step target!
At the start of my journey I knew I had to navigate around my Parkinson’s symptoms but I never thought I would suffer such a painful injury which would stop my exercise regime altogether. I was getting so down with the pain I thought I would ask my friends on Facebook for advice. Well… I got plenty, but none of the comments were what I actually wanted to hear because most of them said ‘rest’ I think that was the moment when I finally accepted I had no alternative but to do just that. Although one friend did suggest Kinesiology Tape which I bought and tried (watched YouTube videos to show how to apply) I’m still trying it actually , I’m not sure it’s working? Have you tried Kinesiology Tape, what was your experience with it, did it work? I would love to hear from you if you have.

So this week I have been weighing myself daily and My weight has remained steady between 11st 8lb and 11st 9lb so I haven’t gained or lost any. I’m pretty happy about that considering the lack of exercise these past two weeks.

It’s going to be a long process losing my last 6lbs but that’s okay I’m pretty happy with the way I look at the moment, my BMI is within the normal healthy range now too so I’m in no rush, it’s all about maintaining my weight until I can start exercising again.

Johnny Parky

Last week Johnny did 2 exercise classes, One through Envolve wellness and one online by Curtis Adams, (he does workouts for senior / elderly groups).  Although Johnny struggled with both classes due to back pain and generally being unfit (His words) he also tired quickly and needed to do the sit down modified versions, but, still well done Johnny, I think it’s a wonderful achievement and each week you’ll become stronger and stronger. Next week he plans to do the same again and incorporate the treadmill to build up stamina and breathing. 
If you visit you can find out more about Johnny’s radio shows and guest appearances on DJ Claire’s show on Wednesday lunchtime with me also.

So, My Weight Loss Journey continues slowly and I am managing to keep in line with my healthier living lifestyle. I wake up every morning in the hope I can resume my daily workouts on the treadmill but right now that’s a long way off so I need to focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t and what I can do is work on my upper body strength.

In the meantime I like to look at this poster, it’s a good reminder knowing My comeback will be stronger than my setback!

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  1. Hi Tracy,

    Sam here from Nutracheck! We’d love to speak with you about your weight loss and healthier lifestyle journey. Please can you drop us an email to Thanks!

    Hope to hear from you. 🙂

    Nutracheck Team


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