Don’t give up now!

It’s been Two and a half weeks now since my injury. I was doing my daily workout on the treadmill, when, all of a sudden, a sharp pain in my left thigh stopped me walking almost immediately.

Yesterday, Saturday the 6th of March was in no doubt my worst day of pain yet, I’m pretty sure it’s a hamstring injury but that is a self diagnoses with the help of google! To make things worse the pain has spread to my hip. It seems incredibly unfair my attempt of a healthier lifestyle has ended with my mobility being so severely impaired. To think three weeks ago I was losing weight, getting fitter and stronger, seeing me now, it is quite unbelievable. I can barely walk and I’m not far from being completely bedridden, if that were to happen I would really struggle physically and Mentally.
I should start to think about going to see my GP soon, although, research suggests it can take up to 8 weeks to recover from this type of injury, so, perhaps a little too soon still.


Last year I fell awkwardly on my ankle which caused a pain in my right calf, after several weeks I decided do get an X-ray. The X-ray didn’t show anything to worry about regarding my injury, it was just muscular, but, It did show my right knee was almost bone to bone… which Means I have arthritis! The doctor went on to tell me it will cause me problems in the future. I wasn’t too shocked at the news because my dad suffered with osteoarthritis. It’s just another problem I will need to deal with, but, for now it can go to the back of the health concern queue. Mind you I am a little concerned that maybe it’s already starting to cause problems.

It’s now Sunday the 7th of March and I just tried to walk to the bathroom, Sadly I am no better this morning so it’s going to be another painful day. Tomorrow my boys go back to primary school and my hopes of walking them to school have been dashed. It’s hard not to feel defeated, but, wallowing in self pity isn’t going to help me either.

How I’m going to get out of this Funk!

I have just bought myself a new dress, because I think I deserve a treat. After all, I have lost 16lbs. So celebrating the wins with some new clothes is a great boost and makes me feel good.

Finding another activity!

I can’t exercise at the moment so I decided to try something different, I’m doing a project with my good friend, Deano Parsons, where we take it in turns creating videos, we both enjoy editing and creating short films. This week,my project is Art, I haven’t done art since school but I’m going to attempt to draw a flower and record my progress. Then Dean will send me his clips and photos of his chosen art piece and I will merge them together.. Dean is more experienced at art than I, but, I will enjoy the challenge nevertheless.
So Watch this space, perhaps I have a hidden talent?, very doubtful… but you never know!

I may have periods of feeling down but I have to keep going, I will stay on track with my healthier lifestyle because I am not throwing all my weeks of hard work down the drain because of this injury. It’s going to take time but I will recover and I will be back …..

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