Tracy’s Weight Loss and Healthier Lifestyle Journey- Week 9

Last week was tough going to maintain a healthy lifestyle as I was, and still am, in terrible pain with my injury. There were times I nearly threw in the towel BUT I didn’t! When I felt like giving in, I simply went to the mirror to see how far I have come. I am comfortable looking in a mirror now, I feel more confident in my appearance and I can wear size 10 clothes again. This is all the incentive and motivation I need to continue on my healthy lifestyle journey.

I am 5ft 9” and have weighed in consistently at 11 stone 7 pounds for two weeks which I’m really pleased with, I am (just) in the healthy BMI scale, so, While I recover My main aim is to just maintain my weight.

Setting myself Goals!

Each week I am going to set myself a goal, mentally and physically I need this, I need a distraction from being so utterly frustrated, miserable and angry that I can’t do my daily workout on the treadmill. So, my Goal for this week, Starting from today Monday the 8th of March I will increase my workout with weights. This workout is doable as I’m sat on a chair , it is great for my upper body strength. I am also going to increase my squats from 30 to 40 every day rather than every other day, believe it or not I can do this as it’s not painful, yet, when walking I wince with every step, I don’t get it but I don’t need to …it’s all about what I can do.


This week I will return to recording my meals down regularly, these past few weeks have been difficult because of the lack of exercise and I was concerned I may obsess over the slightest increase of calories, however, I have proven to myself I can maintain my weight with the calorie intake I have been on, so, I am keen to return back to the routine of logging everything down again. Structure is what I need and setting these goals is going to be the way I move forward. I hope implementing these goals will improve my mood as I’ve been pretty miserable these past few weeks .

Johnny Parky

I haven’t had chance to catch up properly with Johnny this week but what I have heard is pretty amazing. I am excited to see how he’s doing so watch out for more details on Johnny’s progress next week.

So, after an awful few weeks I think I am finally emerging out from the other side and I have more determination than ever before not to give in. Time is needed to overcome my injury but I will overcome it, in the meantime I need to build on my strength, keep on moving and keep on going.
I have a further 5lb to lose and lose it I will!

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