Tracy’s Weight loss & Healthier Lifestyle Journey – Week 10

Ten weeks ago I weighed in at 12 stone 9 pounds and my waist was 33 inches. Now I weigh 11 stone 6 pounds and have a 29 inch waist. My Total weight loss is 17 pounds and 4 inches from my waist. I know my weight loss in comparison to many isn’t that huge, but, to me it is. I have another 4 pounds to go before I reach my target weight, however, I am still loving the new slimmer me. It’s an amazing feeling opening your wardrobe and being able to choose anything you want knowing it will fit.

I was happy to maintain my weight whilst recovering from my hamstring injury but I’ve managed to lose another pound this week which is fantastic.

Weekly Goals

Last week I set myself some target goals by increasing my Squats and weights which I’m happy to report I did and I feel much better for it. I am definitely more at ease with myself knowing I’m doing some form of exercise. My new goal is to try and increase my daily steps slowly although this could be challenging considering the pain I’m in. I decided to ring my doctor today, her advice was go to A&E as she was concerned I may have ruptured my thigh muscle. I will go Wednesday After my vaccine, if, no improvement.

Last week I also started logging in my meals again on Nutracheck, this could be the reason for my 1 pound weight loss.

Covid Vaccine

Because I have Parkinson’s Disease I am eligible for my first vaccine on Wednesday 17th March, I am a little apprehensive as many of my friends have suffered side effects of feeling rubbish for a few days, however, a couple of days feeling not great is much better than getting covid and not recovering at all.

Johnny Parky

I spoke with Johnny at the weekend and after a slow start because of feeling unwell after receiving his vaccine, Johnny was soon back on track with his exercise classes online with ‘Envolve’ and walking on his treadmill. (he also tried the incline for a minute or two but that was a little much). He went on to say that he doesn’t feel the urge to snack like he once did. It’s good to see Johnny’s enthusiasm and determination back. Here are some photos of Johnny wearing his Leeds football shirt, each week he will update us with new photos and hopefully see the shirt becoming baggier and baggier on him. Well done Johnny, I think you are doing amazingly well and I can see a difference.
You can listen to Johnny at

Every Wednesday I am a guest on DJ Claire’s show for Radio Parkies. I talk about my healthier lifestyle and the difficulties I face living with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.

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