Art through nature and nurture

My budding artist

In the last couple of years I have discovered a new appreciation for art and for creating things with my own hands. One of the things that I can be thankful for having Parkinson’s. I’ve always been creative and crafty. But I’ve taken it a little further with these crafts of late. There is always something on the go in my room where I work. A piece of furniture being stripped and painted, canvasses being worked on, Drawings being done. The hot glue gun is in constant use to the point now where it’s so coated in material stuck to the dried glue that I need to buy a new one. The room is in constant chaos. About once or twice a week I wake up very early and I head down there to clean up only to make a big mess again before the end of the day. It’s not really a mess it’s just creativity but it doesn’t look like those Instagram pictures of people studios. This is a real working studio.

The thing I am most proud of in my new found love of art is the fact that my son Richard has been so inspired that he also over the last few years has been drawing and creating beautiful art. Many would say “like mother like son”. But in our case like mother like son comes from nurture not from nature. Richard and I came to be the team that we are through adoption. Nature gives him the talent, nurture gives him the desire.

I really appreciate the detail that Richard puts into his work. He loves using pencil, but colour sneaks its way in in a subtle way most of the time. I buy him new pencil crayons, markers and felts and great big boxes of drawing paper that he goes through quite quickly.

When he’s really happy with something he frames it or I frame it. And those framed pieces become part of a now building art wall in his room.

I am pretty proud of my guy. He’s a very big young man. He was born in 2006 on the very last day of the year. So he’s just 14. He’s a hair short of 6 feet tall. And he weighs about 180 pounds. He is a gentle giant. But he loves hockey and rugby. And he’s happy to knock people down in those sports. He’s a math guy. He likes science also. Richard loves to travel. He likes to eat. He enjoys cooking and fries a mean egg. His favourite thing to make is Caesar salad.

Every night when I go up to my room to go to bed the light is still on in his room and he’s lying on the bed leaning over his desk pencil in hand creating something special. I never tell him to put the lights out and stop drawing. That would be like telling him not to breathe. I know this work ethic. I have been known to get up at one or two or three in the morning because an idea has come into my head and I need to address it right away. Or I get up early to work in the studio before everybody gets out of bed. No way am I telling my boy to put down his pencils. He might lose his train of thought or the inspiration that made him start in the first place.

I am so happy to have a partner in art. I think it’s time, once covid is over, to take him to some of the great museums and really show him some amazing art. Maybe head to some places that have awesome graffiti. Because that seems to be his style right now. I’m trying to encourage him to share his work on his Instagram page. Please Richard share your craft. You are talented. And mama is proud of you.

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