Trying something New.

A few weeks ago I decided to start painting, I wanted to focus on trying something different as I was becoming disheartened by my painful hamstring injury. I quickly realised painting wasn’t for me. I dabbled in a few self portraits but that was a big fat No as well. Next, I turned to drawing animals. The first animal I chose to draw was a horse… I shocked myself as it was actually pretty good!

Thinking it might have been a fluke I decided to try and draw an Owl.

My owl wasn’t that bad either! I decided to buy an Art Pad and some pencils and continue with my animal drawings.

I never thought I would be any good or that I would enjoy drawing, I definitely think pencil drawing is something I can improve on. I enjoy the process of pencil drawing, I love how you can achieve tiny details with different shading techniques. I have a lot to learn and I watch an awful lot of YouTube tutorials to help with my drawings but it’s all part of the learning process .

I still don’t have the right pencils, they arrive tomorrow so hopefully my shading will improve. Also my Parkinson’s symptoms can hinder me slightly, my fingers get extremely stiff, I can randomly shake and sometimes my hand just doesn’t want to move but if I rest for a few minutes I can usually continue.

So there you go, I have found a new hobby and I am excited to see how far I can go with this. In a few weeks I will share my progress and show what I have learned.

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