Your Component Parts

“People only look at me as a Beatle but my friends look at me as a whole person. That’s how life works, but it’s not bugging me any more.”

– Ringo Starr.

I’d like you to think of yourself in component parts! For example; as having component parts that include a creative self, an intellectual self, a social self, an academic self…etc.

When you have identified component parts of yourself, next look for evidence that each of those parts is contributed to; that each get fulfilled.

For example; if you are thinking about the part of yourself that is creative, then ask yourself how creativity features in your life? Are you contributing to your creative self? Does the creative part of you feel invested in and fulfilled? Repeat this for each component part that you identify.

If you find something lacking in how you cater for your component part, write down three simple action points to implement over the remainder of this month.

Apply this technique to all of the component parts of yourself, that you identified earlier, on a regular basis. Take some time to reflect on what you learnt, from this exercise.

Post by: Deano Parsons.

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