Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle Journey ~ Week 13

This week I have improved a little more from my Hamstring Injury and started going on my treadmill again. Just 5 minute sessions at the start, increasing my workout by 5 minutes each day, until I reached 30 minutes (yesterday) which I’m thrilled about. Thirty minutes will be my limit for awhile though as it’s still tender and I do not want to damage myself further.
So with walking on the treadmill and activities in the garden I have increased my daily steps to 10000 – 14500 which is a big improvement from 4 to 5000 since my injury.

Back on TikTok

With my much improvement I am also back on TikTok and doing little dance challenges which I love but rarely can do haha. I don’t care though, my aim is to have fun, try my best and at the same time raise awareness for Parkinson’s.

You can find me on TikTok @tracywhite41.

My Measurements

I measured myself yesterday and I have lost 3 inches from my Chest, Hips and thighs and 4 inches off my waist. As of today my measurements are ~

  • Bust 36 inches
  • Waist 29 inches
  • Hips 38 inches
  • thighs 36 inches

Apparently this makes my body type a rectangle shape.
I am happy with these measurements though, if I loose more inches then great but if not that’s great also.

Healthy Eating

My healthy eating has slipped back to Weight Watcher meals which isn’t good, I finished my last batch of homemade healthy food and I’ve not had chance to make anymore, I need to make this a priority for next week. My breakfast still consists of black pudding, whole meal toast, poached egg, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms which I enjoy and lunch is usually crackers with low fat spread.

Weight loss

No weight loss this week. Easter Sunday I relaxed my diet and had a few drinks with my eldest daughter. We played games with the children and made a dance on tiktok so I had plenty of exercise which would have helped burn those alcohol calories I consumed. I had a great day and didn’t feel guilty once for relaxing my diet!

Johnny Parky

I haven’t had chance to chat with Johnny this weekend and get a progress report from him but will update you next week.

Target Goals

My targets for this week are~ make myself healthy meals to freeze and continue with my daily activities on treadmill and weights. I still have 2lbs to lose and I want to really work hard at achieving my target weight of 11st 2.

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