Margaret’s first vlog

OK so not so sure I know how to do these kinds of entries but here it goes. I have made a short video which I hope you will watch. It’s six minutes long.


Later I hope to be able to do some informative videos that you may like to watch and participate in the craft. Or at least learn something from what I’m doing wrong. OK I don’t usually do everything wrong but I do make mistakes and that’s how we learn.

I hope you find it informative or inspirational or anything but boring. Call me what you like but please don’t call me boring. Please.

And I started several projects and finished several projects this week so I should have lots to say next week and maybe show you a little bit about how to do a few of the things I do. Some little some big but all creative and fun and useful. Or beautiful. It can be both one or the other it just doesn’t matter. Have a great weekend. And take a little time to be creative.

Margaret Morton, serial crafter, transformation junky and lover of home improvement

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