Art O’Clock

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying ‘I don’t want to.'”

-Lao Tzu.

Do you have a time of day/night that is your ‘creative time’? Do you stick to a routine, whereby you work on creative projects within certain hours; but always within those hours? Are you a person driven by mood and so you are more likely to participate in a particular type of creativity, depending on your mood? Perhaps you can only be creative when ‘the mood takes you’, so to speak?

For me, writing has always been a creative activity which I do best at around 3am! Yes, in the middle of the night, while others sleep and my world is populated only by the nocturnal; I seem to get my ‘writing mojo’ in full force. The visual arts are different, for while I am happy to paint at night, for example, some types of art truly are best done in natural daylight, rather than under an electric light bulb.

I wonder whether there is some form of science behind why we may feel creative at partcular times? I wonder what influences mood to either enable creativity to flourish or for it to be prevented? What are your thoughts on this?

Post by: Deano Parsons.

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