Debbie’s Video Challenge – A Month in the Life of Focused Friends

Photo by Debbie Walker

As part of our collaborative video project, this month I wanted to create a memoir to the meaning or even a reflection of, how each of us in Focused Friends experience the month of April. Each member was asked to submit 5 pieces of material. I limited this to push each person to really consider their priority in what this month brought to each of them.

As mentioned in our home page “Welcome to April” (now copied at the bottom of this article) I describe what a contrasting and diverse month this was and indeed, has been.

To create just a few minutes of footage, has been the challenge!

I hope you enjoy, and perhaps gain a little more insight to us here at FF at the same time.

From the Page ‘Welcome to April’ (page no longer available)

It is with a Spring in our step that we at Focused Friends welcome you to April !

Here in the UK we are experiencing the onset of Springtime; new buds appearing on the trees and early splashes of colour are beginning to brighten our gardens. Not forgetting the smell of freshly cut grass as it begins to fill the air as we hear the sound of lawnmowers, creating a low hum in the background, in the busy awakening of life outdoors.

These are not the only changes the UK are awakening to. April will see us begin to emerge from our Covid-related Lockdowns and people will begin to slowly mix socially once again. Aligned with the hopefulness that nature gives us at Springtime, we as a Nation are also hopeful for the dawning of a brighter, safer, new way of life ahead. We are each aware however, that this is not the case yet for some countries and those people are very much in our thoughts and our hearts as we take our own first tentative steps forward.

And by the same token, we are aware that some of our readers, depending on your location in our wonderful globe, may be heading into Autumn. This too is a stunning time of year when nature lends it’s creative colours to the outdoor canvas. So whether its Springtime or Autumn for you, whether you’re a budding writer or a well seasoned author, we hope that you can enjoy and gain fresh inspiration from this new season. And when you’re ready for a cuppa and a break, then come and enjoy reading and watching what we here at Focused Friends are discovering, creating, and sharing both individually, and together.

Keep safe, keep well, and keep enjoying creativity,

Best wishes from Debbie and the team at Focused Friends.

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