Not yet titled

Don’t carry my weight on your shoulders

I can lift me on my own

Don’t worry about my future

Just care about the now

Heavy is the burden of fear and lost control

Heavier still is anger and loss of light in our soul

Don’t Harbour any sadness for what is going to be

All I need is us right now and for you to love me

Don’t waste the days in negative thought

Kicking at the waves

Breathe in all the moments

Create memorable days

Fighting time won’t make it slower

We need to fill it fast

And when we stop to rest our heads

We will look upon our story

Thankful that we lived a life filled with love not worry

Let’s take control of how we live

From this moment on

And keep on living joyfully

Until the light is gone

Margaret S. Morton

May 2 2021

Margaret S. Morton and Robert/ always we have lived fully together

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