Tracy & Claire’s Try-Challenge- Week1

DJ Claire from Radio Parkies and I are trying new Challenges every week throughout the lead up of Summer Try-Athlon on the 24th July

The Summer Try-Athlon, organised by Sport Parkinson’s will feature a wide range of activities designed to exercise the body and brain.

The centrepiece of the day will be football tournaments – including walking football – but there will also be ballet, boxing, tag rugby, performance poetry, radio presenting, expert neuro-physios, the chance to create your own piece of art, computer games and live music.

Exercise is increasingly being shown as part of the Parkinson’s prescription, however, to encourage people to take up and continue with an activity the emphasis is on making it fun.

Sport Parkinson’s

Tracy’s Challenge 


Being a Mum to six children is going to be helpful when choosing my challenges, hence my first choice.

It was my twins 25th Birthday in April and they bought themselves some Rollerblades. Of course when I saw the pictures of them having great fun, I instantly knew my first challenge had to be rollerblading. Obviously, forgetting I’m not in my twenties anymore, plus, I knowing it was probably a bad idea considering my Parkinson’s symptoms , but, When I set myself a challenge, no one can stop me. My stubbornness and determination pushes me on.

Well, first of all, as soon as I put the rollerblades on in the kitchen and stood up, (from a chair) I fell pretty much instantly, landing hard on my bottom! So after that I decided to research, “Rollerblading for beginners .“ This is when I found out the safest way to start is either on the grass or carpet. It was too cold to go outside so I chose the carpet instead.

I instantly felt safer and less likely to fall on the carpet and as I continued to watch the tutorial (on YouTube), he explained the importance of relaxing, loosening up, not being wooden, needing to practice and getting used to the rollerblades (seemed a lot to take in for me). My choice was dance to loosen up and just stay upright haha. I didn’t get past the next section because after a few minutes I realised I would never improve as I didn’t have the confidence. As Claire mentioned to me, practicing to fall correctly would be a good idea so I would be less afraid and less likely to hurt myself, but, I feel that could take a long time to achieve, so for now, I’m just going to hang up those rollerblades (or rather return them to my daughter) and just be pleased with myself for trying and it was fun trying!  
After all ‘Trying’ is what it’s all about!

Take a look at My Challenge posted on Tiktok

DJ Claire’s Challenge 


PD always finds a way of messing up with my scheduled plans.

Impacted by constipated guts in turn leading to more fun and soup which meant my original times to go to the driving range kept slipping away until the last minute.

My family saved the day, making me smile and lose my fear of leaving the house, giving me a kiddies golf set.

A couple of things I have learned, it is never as bad as you have the capability of imagining, downside is toilet facilities when golfing and I found it hard on my shoulder although I do feel it could be a good form of exercise for people with Parkinson’s. I just don’t have the patience for it.

I enjoyed imagining the ball was several humans heads. I really do not have the stamina to do a whole round.

The best part of this is trying new things with Tracy, it has lifted me no end this week…. Roll on the next challenge – literally!

To hear more from Myself and Tracy you can tune in to my radio show at every Wednesday from 12pm

If you know anyone or would like to come along and support people with Parkinson’s in this Summer’s Try-Athlon event then please visit the website below where you can purchase tickets.

Next week, New Challenges with Tracy & Claire

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