Living A Healthier Lifestyle

Now I have reached my desired weight of 11st 2lbs, I need to maintain it, well within reason, I do expect to fluctuate a couple of pounds either way, especially during my monthly cycle. However, maintaining my measurements is going to be more important.. so every week I will measure my chest, waist and hips and this will be a good indicator that I keep on the right track.

It is easy to relax and slip back into old habits once you’ve reached your goal, as I did last year, but, I am more aware of the mistakes I made last year and as we are coming out of lockdown I feel i am more likely to have a positive outcome . Last year I had lost all my weight before lockdown and gained it all back during lockdown, this time I lost all my weight during lockdown and hopefully as we come out of lockdown I will find it easier to maintain my weight. Now my mum has returned home and the children back at school, I do feel I am more likely to succeed in maintaining my figure.

Mistakes not to repeat

Last year I slipped into a routine of consuming too much wine and ending up drinking daily, I was on a bottle of wine a day! not only is wine full of (empty) calories but it is also bad for my health so I must not slip back into that bad habit again. So, therefore I intend to limit my alcohol intake to Friday and Saturday evenings only.

Last year I stopped eating breakfast and lunch because I was so busy with my family and homeschooling my two sons. I neglected eating myself, only to find myself consuming and munching during the evenings on high calorific snacks because I was so hungry. Not to repeat that mistake again
I will make sure I continue to eat my healthy cooked breakfast of Grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, black pudding, whole meal toast and poached egg. I will also continue to have a light lunch followed by an evening meal which is anything from a weight watchers meal or one of my healthy meals with lots of salad. My daily snacks include, Jelly (4 calories) , french fries crisps ( 87 calories) fibre one bar (90 calories) and a hot chocolate (38 calories) having these treats are an important part of keeping to my healthy lifestyle. My daily calorie intake is 2000.


Since my hamstring injury I have been very cautious when returning to the treadmill, it’s been almost three months now and I still get twinges and aching so I have limited myself between 30-40 minute sessions. I am still only managing a speed of 4.5 – 5km per hour, any faster I can feel a pulling and I don’t want to risk getting that extremely painful injury again. I am continuing with my chair weights , which is doing weights sat on a chair and my 30 squats a day. My steps is between 11000 and 18000 steps a day so on the whole I am happy with the amount of exercise I am doing, for now anyway.

Johnny Parky Update

I’m delighted to tell you that Johnny has lost the weight he had gained and is starting to walk for 30 minutes on his treadmill everyday. He has adapted well to his healthier eating and feels much more positive towards losing weight. Johnny continues on his path of processing and grieving the loss of his mother, but, feels he is moving in the right direction. I will update Johnny’s journey every fortnight, sharing photos of his progress. In the meantime watch out for Johnny in the next couple of weeks in the Try-challenge as he try’s Yoga in the lead up to Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try-Athlon in July. Good luck Johnny!

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  1. Well done Tracy and Jonny. great outcomes and I love how you remind us of the value of reflective thinking, Tracy. You show us that we continue to learn about ourselves and that we can make positive changes whenever we decide to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Deano, I think Johnny and I positive outlook has really helped keep us on track with our healthier lifestyle.


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