Try-Challenge – Week 2 – Hoverboard & Roller-skates

DJ Claire from Radio Parkies and I are trying new Challenges every week throughout the lead up to Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try-Athlon on the 24th July. For more information please visit

Tracy’s challenge

My challenge was the hoverboard. This challenge was inspired by my two youngest sons Dominic, 11 and Sebastian 7 , we bought them a hoverboard each at Christmas and within weeks they were almost professionals haha, so naturally I thought, “why not try this myself “

As usual the British weather let me down so I went in our caravan to practice, this worked out better to be honest for my first proper try as it seemed safer. To move the hoverboard you Use your feet, to move forward you tip your feet forward, to be honest that’s as far as I got but I was happy to have mastered that, I didn’t try any other tricks or directions.

I managed to go forward and pick up a little speed in no time at all, however, turning and spinning will require much more practice which I intend to do as I loved it, such fun! What I like about this activity is I think it will help with my balance and my posture, although, I do recommend having all the protective gear, my sons have all the correct safety pads and helmets so I need to invest in some too.

It’s easy to see on Our big smiley faces the enjoyment we are getting from trying new activities, we both feel pretty proud of ourselves for trying. If you have Parkinson’s and would like to try a new challenge with us please drop us a comment Below.

Here is my tiktok of my first attempt on a hoverboard,if you would like to follow me on TikTok go to @tracywhite41

Claire’s Challenge

Skate. Something I’ve always wanted to do but never really got round to since I got PD.
No excuse this week my skates arrived – my goodness they are things of beauty, and the pads are amazing.

I was scared at first – but on the carpet the wheels move far slower – and you know step, by step, the fear leaves. Once I’d fitted the safety gear correctly (hundreds of very well made videos on this) I started doing the exercises to learn how to fall. Amazing. Should be compulsory for all, never mind those of us inclined to skate.

I am going to do them every day that I can, my PD is not that forgiving..

Let’s talk for a moment about the pads – the hand / wrist pads actually work better than any splint that I’ve had for my dystonia (weirdly), and the knee pads make it so comfortable to kneel on you wouldn’t believe. WHY CAN’T DISABILITY AIDS LOOK SO FUNKY!
However, getting a helmet has been quite hard and henceforth I have not been outside on my skates yet because of that – helmet fitting is more complicated than perhaps I had imagined. Nevertheless, there is a lot of joy to be had on skates inside, and I am literally rolling from my desk to the printer at every available opportunity.
It’s worth noting that when I went on the skiddy surfaces in the kitchen the wheels move very quickly and I wasn’t prepared for that, and the sudden change made my Parkinson’s kick in… when my whole body was shaking it was not enjoyable – but nothing is.
Im going to do this in my way, appreciate what I can – I love how it makes me feel!

To hear more from my show click on link below

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