Why beneath the surface lie the things we fear the most?

The thin line under water

The father and the Holy Ghost

The bottom of the mattress just above the floor

The crack of dark crunching behind the closet door

images behind eyelids of imaginary truth

The bitter shove to meaningless when we no longer have our youth

Wearing a cloak of Loneliness in a planet filled with billions

Caged in want when so very few have all the millions

Scraping at the veneer of a previously solid mind

Kicking away the covers in fear of being confined.

The hooded man you pass on the street

Someone you don’t know

Be afraid be small be tall

Be invisible

That other religion

Those neighbours

The couple dressed in black

The positive pregnancy test from your first date attack

Is fear our protector

Or just our lack of understanding

Can we learn to overcome

What holds our thoughts so real

And break through the surface of our greatest fear?

Margaret Morton

May 17, 2021

Margaret S. Morton / does this brain ever rest?

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