Try- Challenge Week 5 & 6

Week 5 challenge – 30,000 steps in one day!!

This challenge proved to be a difficult one although it did start off pretty well. By 10am I had done 10,000 and by 2pm, 21,000, but, by 3pm I literally hit a brick wall and thought… Geez, I can’t do this!.
Of course my stubbornness kicked in and by 6pm I had reached 26,500 steps, I just needed 3500 to complete my challenge.

I needed much encouragement and extra motivation in able for me to carry on as I was exhausted.
I decided to go ‘Live’ on TikTok where I hoped I would receive the enthusiasm I needed. It turned out to be a great idea as I received lots of encouraging and supportive comments and by 8pm I had reached my goal of 30,000 steps. A big thank you to my followers that watched and supported me on that evening .

Below are my tiktoks showing my progress throughout the day

Challenge 5 Done ✅

Week 6 – Hula Hoop Challenge

I needed to order a Hula Hoop as I didn’t have one and when it came I thought, “Hang on this is way too big” I’m pretty sure the last time I used a hula hoop it was much smaller, although that was well over 30yrs ago. I instantly went outside to have ago and sure enough ….’I was absolutely Rubbish’ after many failed attempts I decided my two sons should have ago….of course they could do it amazingly well..

Here is my first attempt

So not one to give up I continued on, but, I wasn’t improving, so, I decided to enlist the help from my son, Dominic, he showed and explained well but to be honest the technique is pretty simple really, I just struggle to wiggle from side to side due to my Parkinson’s symptoms.

Finally, after what seemed like 100 attempts I managed to keep the hula hoop up a few times, I was so happy that I managed to do it.. I went on and did it again.

I’ve also managed to inspire a couple of my tiktok followers to try and have ago which I’m thrilled about.

“Trying” is the main goal, it doesn’t matter if you can’t do it …. just as long as you try and have fun! Of course it’s a bonus if you manage to succeed.

Challenge six done ✅

DJ Claire

Claire has been super busy helping organise the Summer Try-Athlon, her radio shows and with her up and coming foot surgery, Claire wasn’t able to complete one of her challenges but she did have a go at pottery which she loved and was very impressed with her unique pottery item.

Here at Focused Friends we hope your surgery goes well Claire and you have a speedy recovery.

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