Tracy’s Healthier Living Lifestyle with Johnny Parky.

Well, it’s been awhile since I have reported on our Healthier lifestyle Journey, and, for me there have been some ups and downs.

Firstly, I have gained 4lbs … I was 11st 2oz and now I am between 11st 4 and 11st 6.
Realistically I was never sure if I could maintain my weight of 11st 2lb but I can’t see any difference between 11 stone 2 and 11 stone 6 on my 5ft 9in frame anyway. My measurements remain the same so I’m not going to concern myself too much with the scales.


I continue walking on my treadmill but I have reduced my daily session to 15-30 minutes, there are several reasons for this… as the weather improves I have been busy in the garden, that in itself is a good workout. Also as many of the restrictions are being lifted its allowed me to have family visits again, which I love, but, I do find extremely tiring so just don’t have the energy in general.
I currently do around 15-20,000 steps , 30 – 40 Squats and my weights everyday which I feel is more than enough. I am also taking on a challenge every week in the lead up to The Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try-Athlon at Worcester on 24th July 2021. So far I have tried … Rollerblading, The Hoverboard, Pogo Stick or rather Balloon, Hula Hoop and skipping. These activities are to encourage The Parkinson’s Community to try something new or different and keep our minds and bodies active. So all in all my activities and exercise regime are maintaining at a reasonable standard.


I am still enjoying my cook breakfast but I have slipped recently with regards to drinking wine, with the lovely summer days it’s been too easy to enjoy a few glasses of chilled Rose. I haven’t been eating a proper evening meal either, choosing to have a few crackers instead…. Not Good, although I am not snacking in the evenings and I make sure I drink plenty of water I do need to change my eating habits and start cooking myself some healthier meals again.


I am struggling to stay awake during the evenings, I can often fall asleep by 8pm, sometimes sooner but I am going to be 49 in a few days, I’m premenopausal, I have Parkinson’s and have two young sons to take care of so should I really be surprised with my extreme tiredness? Perhaps I need to slowdown as my symptoms are causing me difficulties and a good friend of mine suggested I take a rest during the day, this is something I need to work towards.

Johnny Parky

It was lovely seeing Johnny and having a good catch up on our zoom call, he’s looking very well and although the weight is coming off slow, it is coming off. He continues to eat healthy meals and refrains from snacking which (mostly) has helped with his bowel problems (people with Parkinson’s can suffer with this uncomfortable problem) He is also keeping up with several different exercise activities, using his treadmill but also going for a couple of long works as well. Johnny also visits the YouTube channel and finds exercise classes that are suitable for him.
All in all Johnny is going in the right direction, losing weight and eating healthy. Next month Johnny is also taking part in many of the activities at The Sport’s Parkinson’s Summer Try-Athlon at Worcester.

Johnny also mentioned he will soon be receiving bereavement counselling to help him through the tragic loss of his mother many years ago. Johnny is also dealing with grief which has resurfaced again over the loss of his dog, Scooby.
A difficult time for Johnny as the 22nd of June marks the 29th Anniversary of his mother’s death. Here at Focused Friends we send our love and thoughts during this difficult time.

Johnny on TikTok

Johnny has joined tiktok and you can find him at @johnnyparky. Please Take a look and give him a follow. Here are some of Johnny’s TikToks

Johnny and I will be doing monthly reviews so please check in next month and see how we are getting on.

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