Portrait Sketching Game

A fun way to get into the mode for sketching or, indeed, for portrait making, is to play a simple art game. Here is one that is fun and can be time limited to just a few minutes. You can do this on your own, but it is more fun with others in a group.


A pencil or pen.
A sheet of paper / surface to draw on.


At the start of the timer, you each have two minutes to sketch out a portrait of one of the people in the room with you.

The only catch; once your pencil/pen nib touches the paper/surface, it must not be lifted. The entire portrait sketch will be drawn in one continuous line. Anyone lifting their nib must be disqualified.

Ah, actually there is one other catch! 😉 You are not allowed to look down at the sheet of paper/surface. You must only look at the person you are sketching. Anyone found looking at their paper/surface, must be disqualified.

This means that you work in one continuous line and from instinct.

That’s all there is to it! Have fun.
Here is my portrait sketch of my cousin, Debbie Walker (a member of the Focused Friends Team), from one of her visits here. It’s funny, but the exercise is helpful, for it really gets you thinking in terms of how you focus when creating a portrait and what you see as important elements.

If you have a go at this, do please come back and comment below on what this exercise was like, for you. It’s always nice to learn about how you try things you’ve read about, here.

Post by: Deano Parsons.

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