Our Suffolk Cottage Garden: 2010

The white winter of late 2009 had stayed with us until well into January of 2010. There were also snow flurries in the February. Suffolk was akin to the wonderful, fabled Narnia, from the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. It had started to feel as though Jadis herself; theWhite Witch from these chronicles, had arrived in Suffolk and had turned the county into a white, coastal jewel that twinkled in the glare of the daylight sun.

A dear little pony lived opposite us and he was very cute and friendly. We would, with his keeper’s consent, take over a carrot or apple once in a while but we would always pop and see him each day. He was alone in his paddock, opposite us and so it felt nice to go and see him for he always seemed to get so pleased when a fuss was made of him; particularly in the cold seasons.

This would be the year that we would start to settle into our new cottage garden and we would start to work out, by experience, what we would want the garden to develop into, with time. We would welcome many family and friends to our home; for the day and for longer, and we would all enjoy the garden in the warm seasons.

There was not patio, however, so wherever we sat, on such sandy soil, would never be quite stable enough to take the legs of the seats and the weight of people upon them and so we would all sink a little into the sandy ground. No! For those of you saying that happened because we were all fat, you are wrong! It really is very sandy soil here and so we knew that a garden patio would be needed before too long. Things were basic, but we had somewhere

The photos above are of our parents enjoying time in our garden.

to sit outside, some simple garden furniture and we had formed a simple fence around the garden, so that Fred the dog could run around freely without fear of him running off.

We had started to become aquainted with many of the various creatures that would visit our garden.

Sadly, as autumn approached, we notice that Fred had started to become unwell. Sure enough, he was tested and diagnosed with Old Age Onset Diabetis. This was horrible. He went blind very fast and I was having to inject him a couple of times per day with insulin. The cost of that was over £600 per month but I was working and earing a very good salary and so I did not mind the cost; as long as he would be okay.

In the photos, above, you can see Kevin, my other half, playing with Freddie on the beach at Dunwich, here in Suffolk.

Of course, life doesn’t always work out how you would like it to. Freddie started to show signs that he was not recovering with the medication. It started to have little or no effect on him and he grew weaker. The inevitable ravages of old age were becoming unbeatable.

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  1. Your cottage and surrounding area looks stunning in the snow. Beautiful Fred looks like he loved the beach.


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