Tracy’s Vlog – Trying is what it’s all about!

I don’t think I’ve appreciated or even thought about the meaning of the word “Trying” as much as I have recently.
These past two months I have tried and still am trying new activities in the lead up to the Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try Athlon in July at six ways stadium at Worcester. To me “trying” is another word for not giving up! It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t do it, just having ago is everything.

My Vlog is all about the try challenges i have completed so far in the lead up to the Summer Try Athlon on the 24th July. I hope you enjoy watching my challenges as much as I have doing them.

A special thank you to DJ Claire, a local radio presenter and Radio Parkies DJ, Claire is
Passionate about making a Difference in the Parkinson’s Community and I think anyone
That knows her will agree, She has done that!

Claire is helping organise The Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try Athlon On July 24th at Sixways Stadium At Worcester. This incredible and inspiring Lady hasn’t stopped, not even After surgery on her foot…

Dealing with her own parkinson’s Symptoms on top of Her surgery has been Challenging for her,  but,  Claire has Battled through the Pain and continued to Carry on her duties in Order to Make this event run Smoothly and successfully for The Parkinson’s community and their families to enjoy.

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