Our Suffolk Cottage Garden: 2013

This was a year which started with quite a persistent snowfall. I tend to dread the onset of snow, because it has always brought prolonged cold that causes me considerable physical pain. I was still pre-Parkinson’s diagnosis, though I much suspected Parkinson’s, in 2013. Yet, I was still living with the symptoms and these were only made worse by the cold winter. That said, once the snow arrived, as ever, I am always delighted by it. It makes the landscape beautiful in yet more wonderful ways and so how could I not love the snowfall?

The field beside our cottage. January 2013.

Our new pups were settling in nicely and this was their very first snowfall. Ever since 2013, in the snow, it has been a joy to see Oscar and Digby excited and intrigued by the snowfall. They love running around the garden, chasing each other, in the deepest of snow.

Due to concern that the puppies could get out of the garden, I would take them into the garden on a lead. One of the first tasks of the year would be to go around the fence perimeter, before the plants started to grow, and secure every part of the fence. So began a year of considering structure and, as ever, entertaining in the garden as often as possible.

I don’t have a great many photos of the garden from this year but we had to stop growing veg in our veg patches; which we covered back over to meadow grass. This was because our two cheeky terriers were so young and would simply need the whole garden to run around, chase each other and to play. In 2013, the garden really became a space for Oscar and Digby to burn off energy, explore and grow. Hence there being few garden focused photos. We removed the poly-tunnel as well and there was greater focus on the front garden.

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