The Nitty Gritty of Us

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

– Henry Thomas Buckle.

I was reflecting over what Focused friends means to me. I find reflective thinking is an important part of life. I feel we do not stop to think about aspects of our lives and our experiences, enough.

Having reflected on this, I find that, for me, Focused Friends is all about living life in a creative way; a life where we try new things, where we develop aspects of life, where we dabble in art and creativity and also where we explore. Focused Friends is also about well-being; living life well, living healthily and exploring ways to enhance our well-being. This can be emotional well-being or it can be physical well-being. Focused Friends is also about valuing friendship; looking at relationships, encouraging activities and lifestyles that will contribute towards the maintenance and the betterment of the relationships we have with family and with friends. I know that my friends in the team all share these values.

Through our posts, the team at Focused Friends hope to get all of our readers thinking reflectively, we hope to inspire our readers to try new things and we hope to share the journey through life with you, so that you might not feel alone, when in adversity, so that you might feel encouraged to take a brave next step, so that you might say to yourself “Yes, I can do this.” and so that you might enrich your life in new ways. Likewise, we hope to learn from all of you, by reading your comments and replies to us, in response to the things we post on this site.

Become a ‘Guest Contributor’ and benefit from the reflective thinking that creating an article involves…

We also have a section in which you could post something for our readers. You could write an article, you could make a video, you could share photos or your own artwork. If you would like to share something for the readers of Focused Friends, please contact us and we will come back to you and may agree to post something that you would like to publish here. This is your site; it has been created with you in mind and so we are excited about the idea of welcoming you as a Guest Contributor to our site.

Perhaps you have read an article, seen a video or looked at some of our photos, artworks and written creations; such as poetry, and you have something you would like to say in response? Maybe you have tried something, after seeing us doing this in one of our posts? Perhaps you have tried one of Tracy or Debbie’s recipes and you want to share your photos/videos and outcomes of trying them? Perhaps you have experienced some of the family events, or just moments, and you identify with something written by Margaret? Perhaps you have been on a holiday adventure or that you are developing your garden at home and something that I (Deano) have written has resonated with you?

Well, please do share your comments or, as suggested above, even create something for us as a Guest Contributor.

Writing an article or forming a publication using other media such as photography or video, or a combination of many media, is a wonderful way to engage in reflective thinking. Picking a subject matter and exploring what it means to you, and then how you would go about communicating that, is challenging but enriching. I would recommend this experience, wholeheartedly.

What are your thoughts on this?

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