Healthier Lifestyle Struggles

The past couple weeks have been extremely difficult for me and unfortunately has took It’s toll on my health. My Parkinson’s symptoms have been much worse and I have relapsed a few times with my old bulimia ways which to be honest is hardly surprising considering the situation I was dealing with but in general I felt I had lost my drive and action was required to take back control.

A Trip to Suffolk.

I had a wonderful time with my dear friends, Deano and Kev in Suffolk last month, I ate way too much because of Kev’s amazing cooking and definitely drank too much. So when I weighed myself on my return I wasn’t surprised that I had gained 2 pounds, but this was on top of the 2 pounds I had already gained before I went.
So now I’m 4 pounds heavier, which isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things I know but I have to take control now because this is how the weight can creep back on!

My plan

My plan first of all is take back control of my eating! My eating is all over the place, I am eating relatively well during the first half of the day but it’s the evenings where it goes wrong, instead of eating a healthy evening meal I am, yet, again, eating crackers, followed by snacks, although healthy snacks I do munch on them during the evenings followed by a bottle of wine.

Starting Today.

I am going to start back on my healthier living, stop the snacking for a start. My exercise has eased slightly due to the heat but I am still maintaining between 15,000 and 20,000 steps most days and on worst days 12,000 so I’m happy with that. I am also doing my weights and squats daily so mainly it’s my eating habits that need to change. This week I have also started exercise classes on Zoom with Beth from Bounce Back, her classes are catered for people with Parkinson’s, MS and Cancer. Please go and take a look, she is amazing

Planning my Meals

The children are on their six week summer holidays so meal times are all over the place, I know I need to get their meal times scheduled better in able to get myself back on track. How am I going to do this? Well, firstly start by planning our meals ahead and by sitting down at the table at evening meal times together like our routine during school term.


Stress at home had caused my motivation to slip but thankfully what was causing my stress is easing and I feel ready to get back on track with my healthier living. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will loose those sneaky 4 pounds that I have gained.

Johnny Parky

Next week I will be updating on Johnny’s progress on his healthy lifestyle journey so watch this space.

Life is never easy and there seems to be so many hurdles to jump nowadays but my health should be my main priority and I shouldn’t be so flippant about it, my children need their mum to be at her healthiest and at her best, (well the best I can be with Parkinson’s) so the best I can be is what I am aiming for.

5 thoughts on “Healthier Lifestyle Struggles

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  1. Well done in taking the first steps back to the path you want to be on Tracy. I’m in the exact same place as you right now I think, and have just begun to pull myself back too. Its a good feeling to regain the motivation….stick with it.

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    1. Thank you, it’s a great feeling getting my drive and motivation back, but it goes to show how “Life” can be challenging at times and how easily we can loose sight and focus on our goals. Good luck to you Debbie.

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