Focused Friends Favourites issue No.2

Welcome to issue No. 2 of Focused Friends favorites. Posting again today is Margaret Morton.

We hope you enjoy what we enjoy.

Hi everybody and thanks for popping in again today. So this week I have had my focus on many little things around the house and the children of course. It’s back to school time and fall is coming so you would think that I would be probably looking for ideas for both of those things. But it was the last week of August and I just wanted to hang on to that last Sunday night feeling of Summer while I could. So today’s four favourites reflect my desire not to embrace back to school or fall.

Design crush – Maria Killam

I was watching some reels on Instagram and this lady popped up in my feed. She was very spunky and full of some really great advice on helping people not make mistakes with trends in their design. She promotes designing with timeless classic pieces. I tend to gravitate more towards classic permanent things in my home. But I do like to add my own artistic flair to those areas. I feel like it makes my home have more character and soul. Maria Killam is worth checking out.

Asian chicken wraps

I had a whole bunch of leftover roast chicken this week . My boys and daughter were hungry one day and I thought I would see what I could find to make with the leftovers. Wow! This recipe was so tasty and everybody loved it. Chicken veggies and peanut sauce. It had lots of flavour and lots of healthy choice for my family. I’ll have to see about a different choice for sauce if I want to send these in the school lunches. There are peanut or nut product allowed at any of the schools. (Did I tell you that I have three kids going into three different schools this year? Yikes). Next time you are cooking some chicken cook up an extra package, put it in the fridge or freezer for a quick dish like this.

David Grey– singer writer amazing talent

My husband and I have been listening to this amazing performer for many years. Recently I used one of his songs on a playlist for our 35th wedding anniversary. I was revisiting that playlist this week and the song “Sail Away” kept repeating (OK so I actually put it on repeat myself). David Grey is a poet. His lyrics are amazing. He has this soft raspy haunting voice that just lulls me to stop and pay attention to the words and feel the music. If you have not listened to him I highly recommend White Ladders. (I would also love to hear from anyone that wants to share some new music with me. Share a playlist or an album or just a song from a performer that you love. )

Woven light shade

I have been coveting these woven jute light shades since the spring. But there’s a hefty price tag for some of these – $285 hefty. (that’s Canadian!). I’m just too thrifty to place my money on a light fixture that I could probably make for pennies. Of course you know I’m going to do that.

I found this black wire basket at a thrift store when I was on vacation in the summer. It was $8 Canadian. A steal.

This week I grabbed out some spray paint to change it from black to a neutral colour so that it would blend in with the jute rope that I found at the dollar store. This rope can be used as thick as it comes or split into three and woven in a thin pattern. I’m going to play with the technique and create my own shade for my kids hangout space.

Watch my space here at Focused Friends for the completed project soon.

And those are my favourite four things of the week. So now I think I’m going to pour a glass of wine, put on the White Ladders album and weave a little bit of my lampshade on this quiet Saturday night.

Happy weekend to everybody. enjoy the days that you create.

Margaret S Morton – living creatively

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