Focussed Friends Favourites – Issue 3

Hi readers and thanks for joining us again for another issue of our favourites. OK another issue of Margaret’s favourites. My three partners here have been so busy in the UK. I’ve kind of taken on the favourites page for now. And I hope that you enjoy what I enjoy.

Kylie M Interiors

First on my list of favourites is the website of Kylie M Interiors.

Did you know that the direction of your room dictates what paint colour you choose? Do you know what LRV is? Or do you just not like choosing paint? Would you love somebody to do that for you? I have just the right person for you.

I have been following Kylie M and her design blog for a few years now. If you are struggling with how to choose paint colours or want to learn more in depth details on paint, this is your person to run to. I have learned so much from reading her very informative paint explanations. And I feel really confident knowing that I’m choosing the right one after what I’ve learned. On those days when I just don’t feel like picking I just go to her blog and see what she has to recommend. She’s amazing and spunky and definitely worth a bookmark.

Speaking of paint

I am finding it hard to get a hold of my favourite spray paints. Due to Covid the last few years the cupboards have been essentially bare. When new product does come in it’s scooped up quite quickly. This week I went to four different stores to try to find “champagne mist” spray paint that I like for handles for my furniture refreshing. It’s nowhere to be found. But that might be a good thing because I did find a new one that I’ve never used before. The colour is “gilded brass” by Rustoleum. It has a bit of a metallic finish. But that just gives the handle so much life and light. Compared to my other favourite gold it doesn’t have that yellow undertone. Which was a great match for this black and white cabinet but I just redid it. Definitely a favorite of the week for me.

Pizza with Roasted Red & Yellow Beets, Garlic Fried Brussels Sprouts, Pistachios, Feta & Honey

Hubby and I had a rare few hours at home without kids this past weekend. We made this amazing pizza and curled up on our patio in quiet bliss. No kids to say they didn’t like what was for dinner. We felt so grown up.

This combination of flavours was fantastic and I’d make it again.

Fall colour in the garden

Last on my favourites list for this week or this combination of hydrangea and barberry. I chose these plants for their summer colour and showy blooms. But I had not realized that I would love this combination so greatly in the fall as the hydrangeas turn to this beautiful pink colour combined with the red of the barberry. I have used both of these plants for cuttings in some fall flower arrangements for inside the house. The plants are right at the edge of our patio so we can enjoy them. We still have a lot of work to do in our garden this year but we certainly love how everything is progressing and especially this fall we have so much color.

And those are my four favourites of the week. I’d love to hear more about what everyone else are enjoying this week. Drop me a note.

Margaret S. Morton – grabbing as much time on my patio as I can

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